Full Version: I am looking for seasoned OBErs : recreating Monroe type explorations
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Hi Everyone..

I am a regular lurker and only periodic poster to these boards, so - my apologies - I am not familiar with everyone who is here.

It is most probable most here do not know me either, so let me first say I myself am a well traveled explorer, a conscious OBEr. I make ( and I teach how to make ) conscious shifts out of body. I like to think of myself as an advanced student. Someone serious about the practice and practical application of the practice. I learn and explore deeper as a way of life.

My own process here is kicking up again. I have immense amounts of energy for focusing into the spiritual side of life. You will likely see me around here more as I am coming away from the social platforms ( really just facebook ) and back onto the boards. I want and require a more serious space to dive in again, even deeper this time - and more serious sadhakas, students, practitioners to engage with.

Engaging with like-minded others of us is a very real, necessary and fundamental component of the process. The awakening and creative process. Most recently I have begun practicing with someone getting into the out of body state ( the channeling state ) and from here reporting what is happening as I shift. Much like the Monroe explorers did in their day.

I want to practice this more, and together with more of us. So I am here now to put out the call.

If you would be interested in joining such an endeavor, please read this : blurb from my board.

And let me know your level of interest, experience with OBE and possible availability.

We would meet and practice via Zoom.

I was quite interested in OBE, or astral projection, for quite awhile. I haven't practice in awhile though. Have you read Projection Of The Astral Body by Sylvan J Muldoon?
Hi, Aion

I haven't read this book, no.. I genuinely appreciate everyone's consciousness related works but at present am not in a reading phase of the process. My activation included the full re-integration of the reality fields into my daily life experience. It took awhile for the full re-integration, roughly 4 years but it has been fully in place since 2009. Now I want to link this in with others in a similar space, who shift to any degree at all somewhat easily - and create together.

Where are you in your own process? Where did you leave off?
I used to be able to get up and out of my body, i mostly practiced some remote viewing and I've done various 'otherworld' journeys in my astral form, but I haven't done it in years. I mostly stopped when I had the realization that I would not find the sense of purpose I sought through that way. I've have only done that kind of work with others a couple times so I don't know how proficient I would be. I find that more often than not I tend to act more like a launchpad or catalyst, I help other people get up and out more than myself.

What kind of work would you like to do, as in, what would you like to create?
Are you familiar with the Monroe explorer tapes?

If not, just click into the link from my boards up there ( in the original post ) and it will guide you to it.

I am wanting to recreate this work - to continue on it here now. It is basically a vocal reporting from the out of body state. and includes channeling.
To give an idea of myself and of Zoom : here is our current Zoom Legend.

It contains all our Zoom live-streams to date. I've not yet attempted a project quite like this one, and if there are interested explorers, together we would have to create/devise the platform, the criteria and set-up. But this will give a feel for what it might be like getting going. We won't know for sure what is possible until we have all participants.
This is just for anyone passing through.....

In our Zoom call yesterday we touched on the Monroe project a few times, at 1:37:27 we hash it out it a bit : ( it may be helpful in understanding ) :

I never have much luck with astral projection but it's something I'm interested in.

When I was a kid I would imagine myself leaving my body and flying around and it all looked very detailed but I never really left my body so I guess it was more of a remote viewing thing.

I've read Robert Munroe's Journeys books and found them very interesting.
I did astral projection once, and as I rose out of bed, I saw a wolf sitting in my room growling at me.
It scared me back into my body.
Hi, Spaced... IGW..

Thank you coming through to comment. I know it is a long shot reaching out to the other boards to OBErs, there are not many of us and even fewer with the impetus ( and time! ) to engage in such a project. I have really good feelings about it though. And it doesn't take many of us linking in to grow it. If you, or anyone passing through would like to see/observe what the process of reporting from the out of body state looks like this gives a good glimpse :