Full Version: Asking Quanta of my Body to Become Light
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After my Kundalini Awakening about a month ago, I recently asked the quanta (quantum particles) of my body to become Light.
It's a dense sensation. It almost feels like I'm slowly dissolving energetically back into the Quantum Field.
So my body has a little fear at times because it thinks it's dying or disappearing.

I think this is accelerating the activation of my Lightbody. I won't change outwardly in appearance, but I can bring my higher-dimensional self
down into my body.

Someone on another forum recommended I drink Soma, which is what the gods and goddesses of ancient times drank for ritual and they were glowing.

I also recently started working with Quan Yin.

It's a very interesting feeling.

It may be like a pyramid initiation, but instead of all at once, it's a lifetime.
After meditating on emptiness for a few days I am now focused on raising the subdensity of my body and mind.
It is an interesting feeling.

I like to challenge myself a little, so I sit in a subdensity a little above my comfort zone.