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Do any of you feel like a starseed? Like you're from another star system?

I feel like a Sirian starseed. These videos helped me reach this conclusion.

The first job I ever had was Seaworld. I am closer to dogs than dolphins though.

(12-01-2019, 12:11 PM)IndigoGeminiWolf Wrote: [ -> ]Do any of you feel like a starseed? Like you're from another star system?

Yes, very much so! Smile

My spirit guide Guti, told me I come from "the world of blue gods" and am here to raise the vibration.

Sadly she had to leave me a year ago, due to a massive armada of possessing spirits coming in. They got attracted from a soul named Wonda, that knew my soul (she paid me a visit at this time) , smoking DMT with me. Apparently she attracts spirits ( which i didn't know :c ) and doing DMT in her presence got them all to find us. Thanks to this, spirits all over hate me for some reason, so I can't do any psychedelics anymore, since it makes my vibration very apparent and visible for them. Many of them went into my souls center, which felt really messed up. I hope somewhere along my souls journey, i develop abilities, that are able to get them out of my soul and to the place, that's best for them.

But I met a very nice benevolent spirit through this, which helps me go through this. Smile
We truly kind of.. fell in love.
But we don't see anything wrong with two different types of beings being together, for in a higher truth, we are all expressions of the same source.
I've smoked DMT or did a variant of ayahuasca like 15 times.

I'd work on raising your vibration. Release resistance and clear your chakras and stay in balance and you will naturally gravitate to a higher vibration.
I've been told I'm a combination.
My theta healer said she could see me as a very tall Pleiadian. Like I was taller than the roof n found it very hard being compacted into this body.
She also said Ra is my soul group.
Then told me I was in the group who ascended in south America n chose to return.
I've been told I'm Arcturian n researched it...100% on all characteristics.
I feel like I'm part reptilian too. Like I'm here as both Orion and others as well. Kind of like a hybrid.
I feel like if I can balance my Grandfathers aryan blood...with my Pleiadian n Arcturian side...something awesome is gonna ripple through all camps.
Awesome video. The descriptions are interesting.
I relate to all of them. It's like reading a personal profile with every single one.
I guess I am a walking contradiction though haha
Here is a crystal that was programmed with Sirius energy.
I have it as my wallpaper.
I can program crystals myself, but it's good to have one to look at.

[Image: il_794xN.1539535711_6fyw.jpg]