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I have copies of the book and would be honored to PM anyone that is interested in the full text. Here is an excerpt of the first chapter...

[For those who haven’t read The History of God: a story of the
beginning of everything, SE is Source Entity, and ME is Guy
Needler, the author of this book.]

SE: Well, that was a rather grand entrance you wrote on the
first page.
ME: I would hardly call it a grand entrance, more of a
preamble, a “getting the audience warmed up” for the
The Shape of Things to Come.
SE: You can quote HG Wells if you want, but we need to get
down to the real business of letting your readers know
what is happening in the wider areas of the Origin, what
my peers are up to, and what they are accomplishing, not
writing science fiction. Although what you are about to
experience over the next months of communication may
get you wondering on these lines.
One thing is certain—this is not a task to be taken lightly.
Indeed, it is one that you WILL struggle with, specifically
with the concepts that some of the Source Entities will
present to you. It is with this thought about your
struggling that I offer you this opportunity for help.
Before we delve into the old ground of my creation, some
of which I have no doubt you will cut and paste from the
other texts and some of which will be new information, I
suggest that I act as your guide, mentor, and main point of
contact when establishing contact and ultimately
Beyond the Source – Book One
communicating with the other Source Entities, especially
as you will need to meet them in their own environments.
Therefore, I will be your passport to the other Source
environments whilst delivering this book.
ME: Why do I need your help—not that I am refusing it? I can
communicate with the Origin all on my own, so why not
SE: They are not as capable of understanding the entities that
are created outside their environments as the Origin and I
are. The Origin is the source of everything; I am the
Source of you and your environment, so we both have no
problem tuning in to your frequencies and level of
communication whilst in the physical. Some of the
Sources don’t go anywhere nearly as low as ten frequency
levels above you—let alone down to your level—so they
are bound to have problems communicating with you
directly, hence my insistence in offering help in this
ME: Thank you. Now I understand. I feel quite excited about
meeting these other Source Entities.
SE: And so you should, for you go where no man has gone
ME: No one!
SE: What?
ME: No one, Gene Roddenberry's original introductory text
was changed to say NO ONE, not NO MAN.
SE: One, this is no time for Star Trek jokes and two, you are
not NO ONE. You are a man, currently, and NO MAN to
date has done what you are about to do.
ME: Touché.
SE: Now let’s get on with it. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.
Source Entity One – The Master of Our Multiverse
The Source Entity Becomes Aware of Its Self and
Its Environment
ME: I guess at this point I will be doing some copying from the
first book?
SE: Only where it is relevant. There will be some correlation,
but don’t forget that in the first set of dialogues I was
talking about what we (the twelve Source Entities) were
doing collectively and not individually. There is no point
in going over old ground, such as how I/we developed the
physical side of the human race, for that would not be
good value in terms of reading time and text space.
However, I will reiterate what is essential and, therefore,
needs to be fleshed out more.
ME: O.K., let’s start from the beginning then and deal with the
“detail” as we get to it. What happened at the start of
your existence?
SE: In the beginning it was like I was part of the Origin but
still the Origin—not as I am now. It was like I was one
thought of what was going on in the Origin’s
consciousness—one thought that was given substance,
time to be, individual space to move around in, but still a
thought nevertheless. I knew I was the Origin and was
separate from the Origin all at the same time. It was as if
my individual awareness was like a memory that is in the
front of your mind for a moment, and then is gone, only
to reappear later when you give it enough attention or
when you are not trying too hard to remember. It’s just
like when you remember a memory that you hold in your
mind fleetingly but then lose, resulting in a struggle to
recover the memory. It is this enhanced attention to the
fleeting awareness that I had lost that later gave rise to the
ability to hold the level of awareness for long enough to
bring it into the consciousness state again. At first it was
hard, and I have no doubt that many, many millennia
Beyond the Source – Book One
passed before I had reached full independent
ME: So what was the defining moment of consciousness for
you? When did you realize that you were truly individual
but were still part of a bigger entity, the Origin?
SE: Actually, it was not so much of a defining moment, more
like a defining conversation.
ME: A conversation? You mean you were told by the Origin
you were an individual entity?
SE: In a nutshell, yes. We all were, but this conversation only
took place when each of us had achieved a critical level
of awareness and, therefore, consciousness. As I stated in
the first dialogue we had, one of us is still in this
“dawning” state of awareness. You will experience this
when we need to enter its environment.
You see, the Origin was watching our development at all
times and chose the moment for communication and
education when it knew it would be at its most effective.
ME: The Origin educated you as well?
SE: Only to the point of what I was brought into existence for
and what the rules of being in existence were. Some of
these I have passed on to all of you, for they are relevant
to all entities that are “of the Origin.”
ME: Let’s go back to that moment of defining moment of
SE: The moment was just before the Origin contacted me to
advise me on why I was created. I had noticed that I was
aware of my own “self” almost continuously and could
remember what I needed to do to maintain consciousness.
I could also remember what I had done before although I
had not yet understood that I could access what I would
do next. In essence, I only knew the past and the present;
I could not access the future. In some respects I was just
like you are in your incarnate state right now. Another
defining moment before the Origin contacted me was the
Source Entity One – The Master of Our Multiverse
recognition of other entities, eleven of them, all in a
similar level of conscious awareness as me. Of course,
some were more aware, others were less aware, but on
average we were much the same. The clincher here was
the ability to communicate with the other Source Entities,
which to all intent and purposes, just happened.
ME: What?! You all developed a common language all at the
same time?
SE: No, no. We contacted each other energetically—each of
us understanding the other without the need to learn a
language. I was later to learn from the Origin that basic
energetic communication was one of the things that had
been given to us during our creation. This communication
medium being based upon the Origin’s thought process.
ME: So what did the Origin say to you?
SE: First, the Origin spoke to each of us individually, not all
at once, for we were not all ready to be advised on our
roles. Second, each of us had to have established enough
awareness and consciousness to be able to realize and
understand that we were part of a larger—much larger—
entity and that we were parts of this much larger entity
given individuality.
ME: How did you understand that you were part of the Origin?
SE: Simply by noticing that I could hear the thoughts of the
Origin. These thoughts were the thoughts of an entity in
deep contemplation.
ME: Not by traveling to the edge of the Origin’s boundary?
SE: The Origin has no boundary as you know it, so this would
not have provided the evidence for being a component of
the Origin. Once I established that the thoughts were not
coming from the others—the other eleven Source
Entities—I drew the conclusion that I must be part of
something bigger. I reached out in communication to the
Origin, and it responded. From that point onward, I was
in constant communication with the Origin, learning the
reasons for my existence and what task I had to undertake
Beyond the Source – Book One
to explore the self and the Origin and improve my
awareness—in essence, evolve.
ME: Did you have any choice in the matter of the task at hand?
SE: There was no choice for the task was the very reason for
my existence.
ME: What rules did you have?
SE: None.
ME: What time frame do you have to work to?
SE: None.
The only remit was to explore, learn, become more aware,
and evolve. In doing so, the Origin said that it would also
evolve, and it would do this by experiencing all that I
experienced at that same time as I experienced it. It said
that it was doing this many times all at the same time, for
its thirst for expanding its own awareness of self was
ME: And it’s still doing it now?
SE: Yes, it’s still doing it now after many, many billions of
years. This is the only way I can relay to you the amount
of attention it has dedicated to the subject of knowing
itself better, becoming more aware, and evolving.
ME: Let’s get back to the subject of you becoming aware. I can
relate to becoming aware from the point of view of a
child, as I once was.
SE: As you have been many times.
ME: Yes, but I never realized that I was aware of self until I
was—I have to think hard about at what point this
occurred—sometime in the early pre-teenage years. And
this was only because of being ridiculed at school for
having such way-out ideas, ones which I now realize were
manifested from my ability to tap into the higher
frequencies and, therefore, the greater reality—which
now allows me to communicate with you and the Origin
and other entities, such as Byron.
Source Entity One – The Master of Our Multiverse
When I was a child, I just was me. I had no real feeling of
individual awareness. I just did what children do but with
no realization of self although I was aware that I was
different somehow, apart from the others. This was a
feeling that I found was quite strange, for I always
thought that I was part of something important. As a
result, I always found it hard to be “part of the gang,” so
to speak, and they considered me as a bit strange.
So you realized that you were you at the point just before
the Origin communicated with you and a little after the
time you noticed that there where eleven others?
SE: Yes, I became aware that I was able to experience
different things by changing the location of myself. By
location I do not mean spatial as you are thinking but both
dimensional and frequential. When I moved myself into
different “locations,” I experienced different things
happening to my energies, my “self.” These were
predominantly sensations on many levels—many more
levels than you can possibly imagine. It was during one of
these sensation experiencing moments that I recognized
my “self” as being individual. I was fully aware of cause
and effect. If I did one thing, something else would
happen. If I did something different, then this was
rewarded with a different effect.
The awareness of self is the most important milestone on
any entity’s road to evolution. Further, the awareness of
awareness is the milestone in an entity’s road to evolution
where the veil of illusion is lifted to reveal the true reality
of existence. This is the point where everything is made
clear. Nothing is misunderstood. There is no
environmental limitation, there is no limitation in
understanding, there is no limitation in capacity for
learning, and, therefore, no limitation in the ability to
evolve. There is only opportunity.
Beyond the Source – Book One
ME: So apart from the feeling of cause and effect, what else
gave you the nudge you needed to become aware?
SE: Nothing else, only the experience of cause and effect and
the recognition of the other eleven Source Entities.
Although at this point, none of us recognized what we
were fully capable of as we were not yet in receipt of our
instructions from the Origin. Let me say here though that
the element of cause and effect as a factor of recognizing
self-awareness should not be played down, for it is the
recognition of an individual’s ability to create that is the
deciding factor. Cause creates effect, and to cause an
effect that is the manifestation of pure creativity is to
create the feeling of satisfaction; with satisfaction comes
recognition of self and awareness of self in the
environment of existence.
ME: So what you are saying is that you really got to grips with
recognizing your “self” when you were creating.
SE: Eloquently put. Creativity is one of the most important
things that an entity can do; it is a reflection of self and is,
therefore, the doorway to self-realization, awareness.
Many of your artists, engineers, scientists, and authors
create, and it is with their creations that they realize who
and what they are—their creations are an extension of
their “selves” with their creations, therefore, acting as
mirrors, making recognition easier.
ME: I get the feeling that pride has a hand in this as well.
SE: To some extent, but pride is only a feeling of well-being,
of ego. However, as ego is the prerequisite for the state of
“I am,” it also helps in being one of the markers on the
road to awareness.
Creativity is the ultimate marker. It is the result of action
on behalf of the individual. It is the debris left behind to
indicate existence, and it is the evidence needed by the
individual entity to make the jump from mere existence to
the realization of existence. It was, therefore, when I
Source Entity One – The Master of Our Multiverse
created different things by manipulating and changing the
natural representation of the energy surrounding me that I
made the connection between mere existence and
realization of self.
ME: If I remember correctly, then this must have been around
the time that you were creating myriad patterns and
shapes—what we now recognize as galaxies and planets.
SE: Well remembered, but not correct as the galaxies and
planets were not that which currently exist in your
universal environment.
ME: You mean that you wiped them out? You started again?
SE: Yes, it was merely a game. Nothing was lost, and
everything was gained. My awareness was gained. Don’t
forget that creativity is a reflection of self, and in this
instance, the shapes and patterns caused me to reflect
inwardly and recognize achievement. As previously
stated, the achievement of creativity is a reflection of self
creating recognition of self and, therefore, granting the
individual entity the gift of awareness. I subsequently
became aware and was contacted by the Origin moments
later, which further confirmed my awareness.
ME: So would you completely wipe out the universes that you
have currently, the ones that humanity and the rest of
your entities exist within?
SE: I could and I might at some point in the future, but one
thing that I will not do is remove the energy-based entities
that I have created. These would stay and populate the
new environment. Actually, I see no need to recreate a
new environment, as there is much to gain from the
current one.