Full Version: Miracle Workers comedy television series with hidden meanings
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For those who are familiar with the Law of One, the meaning of the series Miracle Workers will be pretty well understood. Through jokes and simple analogies, people discover knowledge and understanding about the world. The series has many hidden meanings, for example, one scene seems to me to be one of the most important for understanding.

One actor plays God, another man.
God says "I love you"
The man says "OK"
God says again, "I love you"
The man says "I love you"

They are hugging.

God loves man, and his love is unchanging. When a person responds with his love, then there is unity, the transfer of vital energy, which the Egyptians called "KA" and, as in Egypt, it is shown here through an embrace.

It's nice to see that important information reaches people in the form in which they can perceive it.