Full Version: This description of Stonehenge reminds me of the Ra & the pyramids
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Is it just me or does this sound so similar to what is being described in the LoO text? I've read articles about how they've done imaging with advanced technology in the past decade at stonehenge and found many different stonehenges some smaller buried around. All kinds of monoliths underground simply lost to time. They've also found remains of many people underground at the main site meaning it may have been a ritual/funerary complex.

I went to Stonehenge. Now you all know that there is something about Stonehenge. But what about them? These are the stones which have come out of the Mother Earth, which are emitting vibrations and the covering of that has been done later on. They did not understand how these stones have come out one after another.... If they were saints they would have said that this is a stone which has got vibrations.... About your Stonehenge in England people have written so many books about it. They do not know a word. When I went there, I said these are stones which come out of the Mother Earth. They are all vibrating.

It's taken them a long time but they found the source of the stones. It's all very mysterious but reminds me so much about what is said about how the pyramids were built.

(Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 1980)

Also, just so that you can all share the feeling of going comatose and falling in to a vegetative state as a result of trying too hard to understand all of the densities beyond the nine in the Ra material lol.. [they correspond to the first nine chakras [ROYGBIV 7 & SUN/MOON 9] I'll just leave this here:

This Vayala reminds me very much of the Sikh Kara, a steel bangle [chakkar/wheel I think I've read somewhere] which symbolizes the universe has no beginning and no end

"In Sanskrit language, a bangle is called as valaya and that is the last stage which one has to reach in one’s ascent. That means the complete. (1986-0921)

Dearest, (in the pinda exist) the chakras of five lines, 16 lines, sixty four petals, the truly beautiful 100 petal (lotus)[Agnya?] and the beautiful thousand petal lotus [Sahasrara] and above this is a very brilliant 10,000,000 petal lotus. Above the 10 million petal lotus is a 30,000,000 petal lotus, each pericarp of which is similar to a flame. Above this is the all encompassing, eternal, undivided, independent, steady lotus – pervading all, stainless. By its will (sveccha) it causes creation and dissolution. Both the animate and inaminate are dissolved in this linga. (Kaulajnananirnaya Tantra, a Nath text)"