Full Version: Real 4th Density Negative Entities Caught On Camera
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This footage appears to be genuine. Also, he allows skeptics to come to his house and experience/record these entities:

I'm taking a wild guess when I say 4th density, this is what they appear to be.

And also, on a side note...with the energies coming in you can see the crazy going crazier and those doing the inner work feeling more and more relaxed and blissed out. My question is, aren't these negative entities frequency specific? Shouldn't they have a tougher time coming in now with the love being sent here from the higher density beings / along with this 4th density shift that's occurring?
Most likely thought forms, if it is real.
(08-01-2020, 05:53 PM)ada Wrote: [ -> ]Most likely thought forms, if it is real.

Oh ya, you're right. That idea didn't even cross my mind. So you're saying they could be 5th density thought forms as well? Maybe something similar to Men in Black that Ra states are thought forms.
I don't know, the idea of thought forms is so wide that it's filled with mystery. It could be a thought form projection of a higher negative being doing their work, or a lingering spirit thought form. I'm not sure which density though, but I remember reading that 5th have stopped all activity but thought, so most likey that 4th do this kind of work. In any case, this as always leaves space for free will/confusion so it could be that it is fake because it's caught on tape and quite poorly too. And a friendly tip, if you feel like you are being latched/bothered by such thought forms then do remember that what gives them 'power' or physicality is your focus and belief in them, especially the belief of power over you.
Its not only 4d or negative entities who make shadows you know.