Full Version: Episode #92
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Episode #92

In this episode, we discuss:
- The sinkhole of indifference.
Featuring special guest Aaron Maret, dedicated student of the Law of One and longtime member of the Asheville Law of One Study Group.

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Such a good one, omg, thank you All

I had a thought about the passage on when an entity chooses to polarize to service to others, and how immediately the opposite appears as a deterrent, and I was wondering something. Regarding the fact that general social media, and some standard news are very aimed at creating fear, what if in fact, along with Gaia’s move into 4th, what if today, not anymore in 1980/81, but today, what if in fact, very hidden, there’s way more polarized towards positive entities than we think, or are aware, and so, way more deterrents in the shape of collective catalysts that we are now facing...

So those catalysts in fact cementing a huge surge to service to others ?

Just a thought from when I was listening to the podcast Wink