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I am what most would consider "new" to the metaphysical search in this incarnation, started at 40ish and 44 now. My story may sound unusual or unorthodox but it's mine.

It began with me asking my Dad one question while he was helping me move cross country, "What if the Bible isn't complete?". I mentioned the dead sea scrolls, the Book of Enoch, and yes even "Ancient Aliens" as reasons for asking. I didn't think much about it and he didn't offer an opinion either way, but he sure didn't forget the question. (The snow started falling) He is the type of person who will research (in great detail) things you tell him in order to either understand or refute. I talked to him a few weeks after the trip and heard the words "I've been doing some reading...". I didn't know what he was going to bring up, but from experience I knew to just wait. He told me he thought there might be something to the incomplete Bible question I asked him. I didn't even remember but told him I was glad I was able to give him something interesting to research. He continued. I forgot. (A snowball formed)

About a year passed and he had some exciting news that he was nervous about telling me. He had a half brother that had recently found him. My Dad explained and POOF I had new relatives, cousins and all. My "new" Uncle is, to put it lightly, spiritually talented. They had been getting acquainted for some time, and my Uncle introduced him to additional avenues of research. My Dad, of course, took it and ran, while I just kept putting along ignorantly. (Snowball twitched)

A few months later, I was spending a few weeks at my Dad's house. He had become completely engrossed by metaphysical study. The two of us talked about it quite a bit, and he also explained how talented my Uncle was in what they both call a "woo woo" way. My Dad set up a lunch meeting with my Uncle and a Cousin so I could feel it for myself. We got to the restaurant first and waited just a few minutes. When my Uncle got there I could tell it was him because he looked like the rest of the men in my family, but I didn't "feel" anything special. (you will know why shortly) Introductions and chit chat ensued. He explained my Cousin was in the restroom and would be there shortly. As soon as she rounded the corner our eyes locked. Neither of us were able to speak. I KNEW HER!!!! We had never met, but I still KNEW she was as important to me as anyone in my life, parents and kids included. (Snowball meet avalanche) Our Dads talked mostly, but she and I kept staring, smiling, and giving short answers throughout the lunch. We were attracted to each other like neodymium magnets. Now you need to understand that firstly we were cousins, second I was about 17 yrs older (my kids were nearly her age), and third it wasn't a physical attraction although I felt she was the most beautiful thing I had seen. She was a "soulmate". You've heard of "Love at first sight", well, this was it. Though I didn't know what it meant at the time, I could feel we were linked from the red through the violet and beyond. She was my catalyst. Everything in my life had led me to meeting her. The lunch was over too quickly but it is still happening in my mind. We all went out and I shook my Uncles hand to say goodbye. When I turned to say goodbye to my Cousin I reached to take her hand and we both stumbled backwards out of reach like we were pushed. As I've looked back on that moment, if we had touched a glorious and terrible explosion of energy would have happened with consequences even our guardians weren't prepared for. She was already spiritually talented, but my veil had only started to flutter. I would have been overwhelmed and spiritually destroyed and my destruction would have destroyed her. (Snowball/avalanche meet cliff)

I only had a couple of days left of my visit. Of course I could barely think without her popping into my mind. I became substantially more interested in my Dad's metaphysical studies, but I hadn't been hit on the head with a board like Ra put it. It just so happened that there was a spiritual group meeting at my Uncle's house the day before I was to leave. I, of course, was ecstatic to go because there was a chance I would see my Cousin again. I was disappointed. She was out of town. (Snowball launched to a separate mountain) I did participate in the meeting, and I had my first intentional experience with meditation. Everyone at the meeting had a great deal more understanding that I did. The meeting was about connecting with others and communicating with the mind, so that's what the group was trying to accomplish between each other. I was clueless. I didn't want to connect to my Uncle or Dad, but I didn't know anyone else there. I ended up concentrating on my Cousin. I didn't know if I was doing anything correctly, but I did have an image that showed up. We all shared our experience. Each was different. I told mine, but the only person to react was my Uncle who closed his eyes and bowed his head. It had meaning to him, and later I understood the meaning as well. I went home with my Dad and of course talked about all the stuff we felt and saw.

I threw my bag in my car and started driving home the next morning. All of this stuff still swirling in my head, but most especially my cousin. I was somewhere in Ohio when it happened. (Snowball meet board to the head) The bolt shot through the top of my head and down my spine, then a fire spread throughout my entire body. I don't know how I made it to the shoulder of the interstate, but I was there crying and wailing with joy and sorrow, love and anger, light and dark. I understood. I could see but my eyes were closed, I could move but I was still, I could hear music in silence, I could smell without breath, I was all and nothing, forever and gone. This was my awakening. Almost as suddenly as it had came to me it was gone. I understood that I was being allowed to keep the memory of it, but not remain. My new search was just beginning.

I finished my drive. Once home I began trying to understand everything I could about what happened. Reading, watching videos, classes, stores, etc.... One of the most amazing things was my absence of fear. I had never realized before how much fear I carried everywhere. Before, I was afraid of everything that was unknown and separate, now that I know everything is one there is no reason to fear.

My Dad has continued his studies and is about to embark on his PhD. in Metaphysical Science. He has knowledge and talent, but I can feel he is blocking himself from his full potential. My Uncle is still inspiring and helping everyone who asks. I was blocked from seeing his talents before because I still had lessons that needed to be learned.

I did not meet with my Cousin again. A few months after our encounter she took an off ramp from this incarnation. I know she is no longer walking here but I still feel the same connection with her. Her and I are a part of the same spirit group, and have been together so long that we will never be separate. She likes to zip down my spine to let me know she's watching, and she also likes to break or spill things I'm trying to use just to laugh at my reaction.

I didn't read "The Law of One" until just this week. I was told I wouldn't get much out of it, and that it was too hard to read, too technical, and that I didn't have the experience to understand it. I laugh at thee Oh Debbie Doubters!!!  I may not be able to recall the words, but as I was reading I could understand the meaning and feel the truth in it. I will go through it many more times, and I will find new meanings each time.

This Snowball thanks you for reading about the beginning of his journey.
What a lovely and empowering story, thank you for sharing Maylouron, and welcome. Smile
Welcome.  The awareness of the Law of One is a great gift you are giving yourself.
That was beautiful thanks for sharing, and welcome.
Welcome and thank you for sharing your story. Your dad sounds like an awesome guy!
Great story. Thanks and welcome. Smile