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Hello to you all! I feel pretty excited to tell my story today. I hope that it brings whoever might read it some good, in one way or another.

My understanding of the mechanisms that governed the nature of existence began with the learning of a pretty typical catholic upbringing. Born to very guiding and also open parents, I was gifted with an amazing childhood that afforded me the ability to explore whatever thoughts and developments I saw fit. I see what a rarity this kind of situation is for almost all people in the area I grew up in, and I am truly grateful for the gift of life I was given.

I remained a catholic until I had a psychedelic encounter in my teens with my best friend at around 16. This experience nearly ruined (or so I thought) my experience here. Destroying all semblances of structure in my life in an unguided way, this event begged the question of what really was. Maybe I could receive some help as to interpreting this profound event from you lovely lot at a later time, as I have gone back to this event many times to dissect it.

Afterwards a host of paranormal activities began. Even scarier, they weren’t in line with my rather strict understanding of what I thought laid beyond this life. From this event my faith was eventually destroyed as well. It was at this point in my life where I was allowed to grow and nourish a very uncompromising atheist view. Love was bull**** and the world was my *****. Needless to say I furthered knowledge in the pursuit of me being all I knew that their really was. This dark period lasted for many years of my life where I cultivated already readily available dormant abilities in efficient control, in changing others to fit me, in what I now know as a very pure service to self path.

During this period I was not forgotten. The light did not let me fall into the darkness unknowing of another choice. During the darkest days of my existence is when I encounter the most profound paranormal activities of my life, planting little seeds in my mind so as to make me aware. I heard voices, I had the most wonderfully vivid dreams which have lasted to this day(maybe I could request help in interpreting these as well someday). I even heard two different peoples private thoughts going on inside their own heads! Hahahaha! Put that in my atheist pipe and smoke it! Sadly I did for sometime. I considered it all also bull**** for sometime.

Eventually the seeds of those paranormal events lead me to search for the nature of psychedelics, so that I might gain more clarity into the mind of self and my experience. My exploration into these studies began my journey into the light. The commonalities of experience, the similarities with my own, the connection I finally felt. I began to know other self as a reality and not bull****. My travel to the light then lead me here as the messages of similarity given by the beings that communicate under psychedelic substances being largely congruent with the Law of One.

I now come to you all out of the darkness. I hope to be of service to you all as best as I can. I am still learning and pulling away many self serving aspects that I have acquired with some difficulty, as my will now dictates. Where my path in darkness was solitary, this path in light involves many.

I love you all
A Fool
Welcome to the forum!

I'd be very much interested to hear about your psychedelic experiences somewhen.
I am happy to meet you!

The terms love and light relate to two parts of the infinite creation.

The service to self path is the path of light. It brought you to the service to other path of love.

Your story is wonderful thank you for sharing. I am glad to have you as aware as you are now.

It is my hope your search for conciousness is as fruitful as you dream.

I do love analyzing dreams. However I have found those like yourself. Who are able to remember so much, innately. Your dreams often are personalized messages from even higher other-selves.

And often less about dealing with the unprocessed subconscious thoughts of the day.(how dreams are for most)

Infinite love and light.
Welcome Fool. I look forward to hearing your perspective in the forums. Smile
I would love to discuss my psychedelic experiences and research with you Minytur!

I think you are right to a large extent MrWho. I still feel I miss a large amount of encrypted information that is in my dreams that you and others might be able to help me with. They are packed with what seems to be more universal symbols that I struggle to identify sometimes. It’s nice to meet you!

Thank you Diana! With good wishes like this I won’t be afraid to speak my mind! Smile
Welcome Fool here, we need Fools definitely Wink
Thank you flofrog! I’m so excited to be here!
Welcome Fool it’s nice to have you here.
Thank you hounsic! I feel like I am at home!