Full Version: So long Lavazza, hello Eric!
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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I've gone ahead and changed my user name from Lavazza to Eric. The Lavazza name doesn't have any significance really (apart from sounding cool), and had I known that I would spend so much time here at the forum over the next two years I would have chosen more wisely. I used it because it was the first interesting text in my line of vision two years ago as I sat in front of my computer, in my apartment in Australia. It's a popular Italian coffee brand which takes it's name from the company founder, Luigi Lavazza.

I thought about picking something that has esoteric significance, but really when you get right down to it, I think "Eric" has the most meaning. I don't have conscious memory of my past lives, but since I exist now I must assume that who I am today is a result of all of my previous experiences. Thus I can think of no more fitting title than the one I use in my everyday life. In this life, and in this age, I am Eric.

The avatar isn't going anywhere though. I still love the espresso heart image and sums me up pretty well at a glance Wink

For fun and posterity, here is a snapshot of my old handle one more time.
[Image: lavazza.jpg]

Love and Light,
Welcome Eric Tongue
Welcome new member, enjoy your stay on forums.
And here all this time I thought Lavazza was the name of a Druid wizard or an obscure Atlantean priest! Tongue
(12-10-2010, 07:39 PM)Bring4th_Monica Wrote: [ -> ]And here all this time I thought Lavazza was the name of a Druid wizard or an obscure Atlantean priest! Tongue

Yes.. That one who invented coffee Tongue And as he was pacing through his room, his pace causing centrifugal forces and thus setting the stage for modern physics, he knew that it was good!
OMG! This forum so rocks! I'm totally going to hang out here, yea!! (haha Smile)

@ Monica & Ali, yeah I wish! Nay. But maybe someday in the vast future users communicating on their telepathy-based Bring5th forums will take up the mantle of such sage and wise handles as... as... Monica or Ali Quadir!

Welcome to the "first name basis" club! Big Grin I wouldn't go by anything else in the presence of my spiritual family.


I thought your screenname sounded coffee-based. :-)

Welcome, Eric!