Full Version: Are we dreaming now?
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On advice of Monica's profile I watched Waking Life and its amazing, combined with reading this article which I think can get you really thinking even if you never watched pokemon, got me wondering if waking state is a dream. It would explain some things, such as seeming coincidences, unlikely situations, symbolism in real life that only makes sense to you, etc. Ra mentioned the importance of recording dreams, maybe it was a hint to wake us up.

I think reality is a P2P MMORPG that we all create and all interpret differently.
All of creation is a dream in the eyes of infinite consciousness.

Our dream we call life is just a bit more "fake" than the higher realms, lol.
You never stop dreaming, even while awake you are still in the dream world/astral.
In Robert Monroe books he states that we are indeed dreaming. I guess its plausible that the Creator is dreaming everything.
I also enjoyed 'Waking Life.' I feel I need to ask, what is a dream? If we continually move from one dream to another, does that mean that there is no reality and everything is illusory? Could it mean that every dream IS real? Could both be true or is this a paradox of Creation that we are unable to solve from our state of consciousness?
Your bodies are slowly switching from space-time to time-space. Instead of space traveling you are starting to realize that you are time traveling. In 3rd density, you are bound by time and explore space. The higher densities, you are bound by space and explore time. It is very much dream-like.


I've come to believe that life is a dream within a dream within a dream. It's like a big onion, with infinite layers. Will we ever wake up? And would we really want to?
I watched inception 2 days ago and now i find this thread ;D

Conjure One- Endless Dream

Think this is fitting Big Grin