Full Version: Did you receive Bring4th mass mailing?
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Hey everyone,

Last night we tried using Bring4th's mass mailing system for the first time. The intention was to send a message to every member's PM account with a final heads up about the 30th anniversary project.

I didn't quite work as anticipated. Monica and I both received six of the same messages and one other person I spoke with received none.

And to further complicate things, the entire time that the system was supposed to be delivering the message, the progress meter read "0%". Ugh. So I canceled it after some time.

Would like to do a quick survey and ask if any of you received a PM last night (Thursday, Jan 13) from Bring4th_Admin?

Please let me know if you've got a sec by replying to this thread.

Thanks so much!
I received nothing, although I did get a regular e-mail.

I really want to attend on Saturday but it doesn't look like I'll be able to.


Sorry...didn't get anything. Sad
Nothing here

The 13th = no.

BUT, did you send one the 10th or 11th ?
THAT one made me prepare the "gift" ! B-)

Blue skies.
i didnt.

you should maybe check the mail queue on the box that hosts bring4th. mails may be waiting on queue or host might have rate limited email sending for each domain per hour.
Naught here.


No, I am sorry I did not recieve your message.
Same as everyone else I'm afraid. Nothing.
Thanks everybody for replying.

I think it's safe to conclude at this point that Monica and I were the only two people to have received the mass mailing.

Oh well, nothing lost. Was just me bugging everyone about the 30th anniversary thing. : )

And speaking of, Happy 30th Anniversary of the Cornerstone of our Philosophy day!!

Smile GLB

PS: Thanks Unity100 for the tip. I'll run it by Steve.