Full Version: Adjustment bureau
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Right up our alley Smile
I've heard that it's an excellent film from some other spiritually inclined people. Top of the list at the moment :¬)


Oh gosh. Are you saying it's Scientology?
You know I'm seeing commercials for Scientology. I've also seen commercial for Eckankar- which is based on a 1967 book The Tigers Fang by Paul twitchell. I've read the book twice to see if it falls into or influenced loo. It has small similarities, but none too similar. I'm sure Scientology does too.

Anyway, these commercials.... I'm not rejoicing so much Rolleyes

The movie was good. Sorry for ruining it. Dang! Foot in mouth dude!
It's a very good love story. That's how I see it.


More movie watching.

Paul is hilarious.



This movie is good. I'd say it is a BRILLIANT portrayal of the STS path.
I also liked Inception.
i'd like to see Limitless.
watched this film; it's a good one!

It was a good analogy.

Limitless did a good job at showing us what we are capable of if we were to apply ourselves. A creator rather than just reactions. Imagine access to all that we have recorded inside of us.

What's even better, we have access to everything recorded in our lineage DNA.