Full Version: Announcing New Bring4th Moderator!
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Dear Bring4th members, readers, and aficionados,

Our community continues to grow in size, depth, and brain capacity. Each day our ranks swell with new members, ours becoming the 731,862th* most popular website on the internet!

To illustrate this, we recently put together an image of Earth without drawing a single landmass. Instead, we made the connections between Bring4th members visible with points and lines of light. You can see how the connections alone give a fairly clear picture of the shape of the Earth's continents. While we are few in number in Siberia, the map clearly conveys our burgeoning presence on this planet. (Pay no mind to the word “Facebook” in the lower left of the image.)

[Image: oqje53.png]

Because of this rapid increase in growth, we feel the need for a new moderator. To that end we have requested the services of the member known to you as Aaron, a well respected and liked entity who, in all seriousness, we feel to be well qualified for the moderator role. Aaron is a seeker who runs all energy through his heart, is a dedicated and devoted student of the Confederation philosophy, exhibits humility, kindness, empathy and compassion for others, possesses a keen perception and understanding, and communicates with tact and care. That plus he was willing. : )

Henceforth, Aaron’s official username on this website shall be “Bring4th_Aaron”.

We thank you in advance for offering Aaron noogies and shaving cream pies during his break-in period. Aaron looks forward to serving you in the a spirit of love integrity, love, and trust.

Should you have any forum issues, please feel free to contact Monica, Aaron, or Gary. Should you have any technical issues with the website, please contact Steve.

Should you feel yourself ascending into the atmosphere like a helium balloon, please check the side effects of your prescription medication.

Thank you everyone for co-creating the unique experience that this sacred temple offers.

In Love and Light,
The Bring4th Admin Team

*Totally made that number up.
couldnt have made a better choice. aaron blows me away with his maturity
and wisdom. congrats to a great guy and a great soul

Grats Aaron!

Im happy to see that Bring4th is rapidly growing Big Grin
Thank you Team for the announcement! Great choice!

Welcome Aaron as our friendly moderator! Be kind to us, pleeeaaazzz!!! lol Big Grin Tongue

Heart Idea
Congratulations Aaron, I believe you´ll do a great job!! Heart
An excellent addition :¬)