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Powerful stuff...or it was for me anyway.

Really inspiring, thanks for sharing!
definately wow. Smile

someone sent me this

let's keep going wow outstanding video..

(04-01-2011, 04:41 AM)BlatzAdict Wrote: [ -> ]definately wow. Smile

someone sent me this

let's keep going wow outstanding video..


I don't buy this. It keeps saying by focusing on one polarity you'll create the opposite as well by avoiding it but that doesn't make sense. That assumes that there has to be a symmetrical balance of two opposites in order for both to exist, but that's not true. Yes you need to experience cold to appreciate hot but you don't need 6 months of winter per 6 months of summer. The more my thoughts focus on positive things and things that actually affect me directly (e.g. not politics) the more enjoyable my life becomes the more I like other around me. They don't provide any evidence for this "the more you think about X the more the opposite will manifest" statement other than a quote from the bible and a picture of the yin-yang symbol. I'd much rather believe my personal experience on this matter. And because of STO only harvests and STS only harvests on various planets we know this can't be true. This video says visualizing the earth being healed is bad, I remember some Q'uo quote saying something along the lines of "a disaster in 1998 has been avoiding because of the efforts of various groups including your own to heal the planet".

I'm only 9 minutes into the video but they keep repeating them same thing, without evidence, and it doesn't resonate with me at all. If everyone on the planet polarizing to STO stopped trying to polarize it wouldn't eliminate STS, it would make their jobs WAAYYYY easier and we'd have a one world dictatorship in no time. And if everyone person polarizing to STS stopped it wouldn't make our jobs harder by any measurement, the loss of cathartic images of suffering to inspire people will be more than balanced out by no more propaganda to isolate yourself from others and not connect to them emotionally.

I get how duality doesn't really exist in most things, but duality clearly exists in morality, you can consider others or not consider them, its simple. And intent is whats most important. Yes we're all one and yes the two paths become one in 6D but right now we're in 3D and that truth has little or no bearing upon this current incarnation. I can't watch this anymore.
Gosh! Is this video manipulativeAngry projecting "evil" upon good guys like Gregg Braden. These messengers are doing exactly the same thing as they accuse those alleged "gurus" for: pave the way for "duality" supposed to be only "evil".

This subtle distortion is making me feel sick. I've been brainwashed by a meditationguru and i can smell the tactic from miles away: They use all this info and make you feel comfy since we're supposed to recognize it from what's already out there in the spiritual community and then when you're lulled into the feeling that we're on the same side they change perspective in a deceptive and subtle way.

Also i wouldn't put Gregg Braden and the guy who propagates for "The Secret" in the same "box" since i actually do think that the philosophy of The secret is STS in disguise. Check David Wilcocks blog "The deeper secret" Excellent analysis.

Hi, movement fans.

About movements, the one suggested up there is good, but do you
think that this one will get more members, and be more influential?:

Blue skies.
the secret is a spin off Abraham, and i think it's dangerous for lay people to see it. they get the wrong idea if they go into it looking for material possessions. Abraham says the woman took the idea and used it for her purposes, which weren't totally aligned with Abraham's message, i think. so i dunno. it's a person's responsibility to always be discerning. if you don't like aspects of something, don't promote it. i haven't even seen the secret but i always felt it wasn't for me, i found Abraham on my own and that was good for me, and i'd recommend that more than the secret. but if someone finds the secret great then it's helping despite not being perfect. again we come to personal responsibility. learning to think for ourselves.

newbies are incredibly naive, at least i was and i've seen that in others. so people dive head first and way too ethusiastically. especially cuz of the 4D light. i think it is our job to learn from ourselves and those before us and to pass that on to the newbies. to help them enter. but gently of course. i don't wanna see a bunch of awakening people get totally dooped or twisted by the vast amount of information. we must spread light to match the love. cuz there's gonna be a bunch of love if we're to understand 4D. Ra said they made a lot of "mistakes"? in 4D, and then balanced that in 5D.

it's great to see movements but no one movement should become THE movement, imo. and while the wayseermanifesto video is great, i think the website is a little too eager to come off as THE leader. so again, it's about everyone thinking for themselves.

i hope this wasn't too disjointed, i'm just babbling some thoughts.