Full Version: Dub fx
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Hi everyone I would like to share this video

First because what he does is amazing
And second because the song is positive and I wanted to share it with others outside my family.

Hope you enjoy,
Live looping performances are certainly an art form in and of themselves. I really enjoyed this.

I think it's pretty interesting that a lot of the dub artists seem to be the most awakened. These lyrics and many other from the dub/new reggae community carry amazing energy for love and change.

If you like looping performances like this one, here is one of my favorite. Not the same genre, but I love this guy's voice and feeling:

David Fonseca - "Kiss Me, oh Kiss Me" live in loop
Thank you for sharing that. I really liked how the piano fit in with the rest of the recordings and I agree he has a very good voice.


P.s I don't really want to create another thread for this so I will just share it here this is another amazing video that has to do with contact juggling

And here is another one