Full Version: 10 amazing cloud shapes
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(04-17-2011, 07:18 AM)oguz Wrote: [ -> ]

This is very nice. Thanks for the visual treat, oguz.
thanks for posting, i really liked the hands photos
Once I saw a cloud that looked the former soviet union with the eastern european countries splitting off.


That was awesome! My hubby and I have a fantastic time searching for shapes in the clouds.
Isn't it amazing how fun it is to make shapes out of the clouds and everyone sees something different! It's actually pretty romantic to lay in the grass and gaze up at the sky looking at cloud shapes. Even better, when we were in memphis, waiting for the sunset, there was the most awesome view of the sky and the clouds with the sun shining behind them.

I love looking at shapes in the clouds. Thanks for sharing these.

Love & Light!
that is pretty cool og!

I used to stare at the sky and clouds for hours. Amazing how much can change in a simple hour. The Air Realm moves so much faster than the Earth Realm. (I'm a capricorn by nature).

I wonder if the Elementals can teach us directly?