Full Version: Close-up photos of eyes
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I was rather blown away by these photos.

Are eyes purely a product of evolution, or are they of some divine design? These photos definitely seem to support the idea that "eyes are a window to the soul."
wow beautiful
Pretty intense and fiery!




(08-20-2011, 12:52 AM)abridgetoofar Wrote: [ -> ].....or are they of some divine design?
yeah, just like everything else.

I felt uncomfortable looking at those. Almost felt like I was peering into bungholes.
i wanna dive in.
the iris is a black hole. amirite?
i mean the pupil. i get confused with those two.


Wanna see infinity? Take a hand held mirror next to your eye and look into another mirror. It is pure black, like the pupil of the eye. *eery music*
Oh yes, how appropriate for this thread about eyes
I watched this recently just to enter into that creepy a$$ mansion. So scary, curiously spooky
you put the mirror where?


right under your eye, so you can peer into the infinite images
Amazing!! Thanks for sharing <3