Full Version: Names Of Entities Channeled, Add more if I have forgotten
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Hi Siblings.
I have been reading through the transcripts 1972 onwards for sometime now and they are indeed a blessing to me. I was surprised at the number of entities the L&L research crew channeled and their different personalities, origins, levels of spiritual evolution and abilities.

So far I have only encountered these guys: Nona, Latwii, Hatonn, Amira, Laitos, Aaron, Oxal, Yom, Yadda, L/Leema, Ra.
I wanna know if there are more coz I have created a sort of a search engine for the transcripts on my laptop and I would easily search each name (just for fun). Smile



You forgot Q'uo~!
(10-20-2011, 07:47 PM)Azrael Wrote: [ -> ]You forgot Q'uo~!
sure but as far as I know Q'uo is more or less a union between Ra, Latwii and Hatonn


So? Q'uo is still Q'uo. Big Grin
Q'uo is mostly Latwii isn't it? With the aid of Hatonn and Ra when needed?


When needed. Yes.
For reference... such a search can be done on google as follows: yadda

or oxal

and so on...
Interesting, I will take your advice and search the various entities. Smile
Amira means princess in Arabic Smile
sarah means it in hebrew. both have ra in them.
(11-29-2011, 08:51 AM)Oceania Wrote: [ -> ]sarah means it in hebrew. both have ra in them.

Sarah in Hebrew is the biblical figure, Abraham's wife also called "Sarai" before the pact with god. It also means: Power, Queen, Control. But not princess Smile

I did some research and discovered that Sarah and Yascha are the same women and Yascha then became the word Nesicha for princess. So yes, Sarah is a princess too. In some way or another Smile
I am surprised they all didn't give their name as "One"

If I remove all the names, I am left with one unified teaching from one Source.
(11-29-2011, 07:57 AM)Crown Wrote: [ -> ]Amira means princess in Arabic Smile

You know, I've been away from reading L/L Research's transcripts for a while now after reading them practically non-stop for a few years in the mid-to-late 2000s & I totally missed this one along the way. Looking up the word "amira" on a search engine yielded this page. Not only does "amira" translate to "princess" in Hebrew, but the literal meanings are "saying", "speech", & "word."

Most of those who are even remotely familiar with the Bible should recognize the Gospel of John 1:1 in english:

"The Word was in the beginning, and that very Word was with God, and God was that Word"
(Lamsa translation from Aramaic)

I've posted elsewhere on this site encouraging people to check out Dr. Michael S. Heiser's work on "The Divine Council." I have personally found that his research on "The Divine Council" gives us a scholastic insight into "Social Memory Complexes", "The Council of Saturn", & various questions that seem to come up when trying to wrap your head around the cosmology presented in TLoO (& other L/L transcripts) that may run counter to various biblical concepts of creation taught around the world.

I may be late to the party on this one, but I love the fact that The Confederation tells us another name for Jesus is "Amira" & is in total agreement with John 1:1.

Connecting the dots is so much fun!

Love & Light to all...

~ Thomas
My question was answered above. Amira is indeed Jesus it seems.
Hey sibling

Just such as yourself, I have been reading all the transcripts available, from the earliest with Walter Rogers etc to the most recent, as I have developped a deep fondness for them.. For years I have done so and it is the greatest gift to me, as the application of these teachings is life-enlovening Smile

Below are all the different sources I read in the transcripts (some showed up only rare times or one time)
It was always very fascinating and interesting to read a new contact present itself and its origin..

Members of The Confederation:
Deltron, Fillonn, Hatonn, Laitos, Lattoo, Latwii, L/Leema, Makai, Mantuk, Monka, Nona, Orcas, Oxal, Quanta, Ra, Telonn, Yadda, Yom, Yuma

Other messengers:
Naketi, Anthon, Aaron, Ariel, Ira, Philip, Amira (Am Ne Ra), Ahbout Dey, t’Michael’h, Christine

(L/Leema is pronounced "Lahleema")
(Hatonn is pronounced "hat-ON")
(Yom is pronounced "Yaum")
(Q'uo is pronounced "Ku-ohl")
(t’Michael’h is pronounced "Tah-Mi-Kel-Uh")

Enjoy reading them Smile
(12-06-2011, 05:57 PM)fr33d0m Wrote: [ -> ]I am surprised they all didn't give their name as "One"

If I remove all the names, I am left with one unified teaching from one Source.

Well, you'd have a source with an identity complex.