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Drunvalo talks about his contact with subterranean dwellers.

What a fascinating idea! When are we going?

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I thought Carlos Diaz's case was interesting:

"Ships of Light - The Carlos Diaz UFO Experience (Part 1) "

"In January 1981 on a dark road in Ajusco Park, near Mexico City, Carlos was on an assignment for a magazine, and waiting for a journalist who had not yet arrived. It was a misty morning and it was not easy to see far, but suddenly his attention was drawn to what he first thought was a forest fire, down in the valley below. When he took a closer look he could see it was an orange oval shaped very large UFO, and it was hovering about 30 meters in front of his car. Carlos had a 35mm still camera that he used at work with him, and while resting his hands at the steering wheel, he managed to get of a few shots of the UFO. Then the car began to shake and Carlos had to get out, but he was still able to take a few more shots before the craft took of vertically into the sky. Carlos was left in a state of shock after this UFO encounter, but it was only the beginning of a long series of encounters to come in the future. Now 20 years after this sighting, the Carlos Diaz case still baffles the top of the world UFO researchers and scientists. Carlos Diaz had an encounter with UFOs that changed his life forever. 20 years later, the contacts continue.Eyewitnesses including journalists, scientists and the Mayor of Mexico City have now encountered this phenomenon. Carlos is poor, he has no computer, the images he has shot is from a video camera, Jaime Maussan had given him. Diaz had apparently no access to CGI equipment, nor has he the knowledge or the experience, on how to make this kind of animated graphics. Carlos never made any money of his experiences and as he says, he only want to let people know what he has been witness to. That we need to take care of Mother Earth and protect our wildlife, before it is too late."

"Ships of Light - The Carlos Diaz UFO Experience (Part 2) "

"An excellent documentary have been produced by Michael Hesemann. Between 1994 and 2000, Hesemann made several trips to Mexico and visited Carlos Diaz and his family to investigate in this extraordinary sighting. The documentary is about Carlos Diaz, and his experience with the extraterrestrial encounters."

Here are some related resources from the "deep web":

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Thanks for posting!
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First part of seven... regarding
Agartha, the city of Shambalah, the Hollow Earth, the Inner Sun and the crystal civilization

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I dont know guys...

111 THREAD REDIRECT ---> Inner Earth People - Sheldan Nidle - 22 May 12
Some of you may recall an article in "Scientific American" many years ago in which an academic physiologist presented the results of his speculations about a "human dinosaur", complete with life-like drawings. A quick Google or two might still find it.

If the evolutionary scenario presented in the Ra Material is correct, there is no reason why human consciousness should not inhabit a wide variety of very different organisms, some human-like, others not so. I've long been of the opinion that this is the case, and that a Third Density phase could arise during any viable Second Density phase in which a dominant organism offered suitable opportunities for the necessary physiological modifications. I've also long suspected that this may well have happened here on Earth during the Age of Reptiles.

If the material in this article I archived from the Internet is in any way reliable, not only did this happen, but the descendants of that epoch are still alive on Earth today, regard themselves as its rightful inheritors, and are likely responsible for some of the more anomalous "alien" encounters: