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So I was meditating. Holding the Law of One Book II, sending energy first to someone I said I would, then to a member of my family.

The member of the family is young and is suffering psychologically for an unascertained reason. But could have a lot to do with the death of my granny

The meditation quickly expanded. Soon it expanded to, sending love to the entire house and a ghost filled my mind. A ghost of my granny who died a few years ago. I got the feeling she was going there everyday, and I couldn't continue. (However it could have been another entity!)

Any comments. Do I; try and take any message she has down myself, even though my family are unsure of this area, or go to a medium, or forget it. (I least like the last one).

Anyone have any experience in this area?
I've also got some problems understanding the situation...

What do YOU think should could or might happen next? Maybe by answering this question you can give us a context.
Perhaps investigate who the entity is.
I think that's a reasonable approach, Phoenix. I would bet this is something you can do yourself, with a little confidence in your intuition and your own connective perceptions... Aside from that (which was meant to be encouragement), how do you plan to proceed?

And thanks so much for sharing this here. It's very interesting, and potentially very informative!
You said a ghost filled your mind... Would it be possible that this ghost came from your subconscious? You already stated that maybe this young person has some problem because of the passing of this granny?

You started by sending energy to this young person upon which you were filled by visions of Granny. Apparently granny and this youngster have some interaction going as you initially suggested might be the case.

My next step would be to abandon all thoughts of ghosts and take things more at face value. Meaning granny is still in this house indeed. Maybe the kid has big problems letting her go. Maybe granny is worried about the kid.

What would you do if granny was alive and you met her in this situation? How about just asking her for her opinion about what must happen? And maybe for suggestions on how you can assist.
Wow, these last two have been really helpful.

So I did it, I sat down with the Law of One book II. (Probably didn't need that, come to think of it), did all my wording and communicated.

We have always been unsure if this boy has been putting it on or genuinly stressed. My granny said that she was worried about the situation, and simply put: 'Tell him to go to school.'

After that she sort of ... floated away, and I was left being able to send love to the house unencumbered.

To be honest, if I were to tell him this and he was genuinly stressed then he would take comfort in the fact I can't make him and that his mother will protect him, so I'm going to do it.
Good for you, Phoenix! *heartfelt applause*
Wonderful outcome Phoenix Smile

Does the kid know that he's not the only one who is missing Granny? If there is doubt, just affirming to him that he's not the only one keeping her memory alive might give him a stronger sense of not suffering this alone. One of the hard things of losing someone is that after a while people seem to act as if they don't even remember the lost person and people get the feeling they're alone in suffering the loss.

An easy way not to turn it into a big thing might be to just blurt it out with a big smile "Hey kid, I dreamed of granny, she asked me to tell you to do a good job in school!!!" Depending on his reaction you can state that you miss her or ask if he misses her. Be attentive to delayed reactions. He might not respond at first but after thinking a bit might still feel the need to ask questions and kids with problems can be shy.

Also grannies tell kids to do well in school, this is rarely interpreted as annoying or threatening or forcing... It's what grannies are supposed to say...

What is your relation to the kid by the way? Uncle?
Hey, well, I don't actually need to think of the details anymore since I've kind of got a solution but:

He is my cousin. His name begins with a J (so instead of calling him, hey kid, 'hey j'.) My granny died and about a year later he got funny. We never had a funeral and my mother and aunt each are determined to keep family wounds alive, thus they keep their own wounds alive. My mother has dreams in which my granny is constantly dying.

I didn't plan to mention the fact that I visualised Lally, I might say, 'this is what Lally would say'. He has a HUGELY evolved metaphysical understanding. He has told me of things that approach the Law of One.

Anyway, we can talk about stuff, but what matters more is what is actually applied into 'real life' as such.
Excellent, Phoenix!