Full Version: 2012-03-02 Mental Illness, Oceania has her question answered, seeing spirits [audio]
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Carla's Show for March 2nd, 2012

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* tornado talk

* quote from session 50.5

Quote:There are those whose lessons are more random due to their present inability to comprehend the nature and mechanism of the evolution of mind, body, and spirit. Of these we may say that the process is guarded by those who never cease their watchful expectation of being of service. There is no entity without help, either through self-awareness of the unity of creation or through guardians of the self which protect the less sophisticated mind/body/spirit from any permanent separationfrom unity while the lessons of your density continue.

* Carla talks about asking for guidance at the start of EVERY DAY (me too)
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* (25 min mark) question from Oceania about mental illness

* (40 min mark) question from Oceania about the 'mover moved'

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* (53 min mark) seeing unseen presences, medication damping one's perception

* (56 min mark) dealing with negative entities, not answering their call

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