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Carla's Show for March 9nd, 2012

[Image: TomhI.jpg]

mp3 download:

* (6 min mark) quote from Session 50.7

this is the poker game quote:

* (13 min mark) Living the Law of One: 101

sample chapter:

- -

* (18 min mark) live caller norral!

tells a hilarious story.

* (30 min mark) question from ansell

* (38 min mark) 2nd question from ansell

- -

* (44 min mark) question from Diana about channeling
if you just want to hear norral talk, here it is: (a 3 min cut)
(03-10-2012, 09:53 PM)plenum Wrote: [ -> ]if you just want to hear norral talk, here it is: (a 3 min cut)

Awesome! I'll now have to read all of Norral's postings with a NYC accent. Big Grin

Good to hear your voice for the first time, Norral.
ha ha gary

u know what u dont realize what u sound like until u hear u voice on a recording lol. and there is most definitely that new york accent there lol.

the funny thing is when we were younger we lived in florida for about 2 years ( i was in the u.s.a.f.) after two years i started to have a southern accent mixed in with the new york accent lol. i wish i could have recorded that Big Grin. but what would be intersting gary actually is on one of the shows if we could hear u speak, hear jim speak hear the people who are associated with llresearch. it helps to fill in the picture. i know what u look like dear brother ( u are beautiful ) but it would be nice to hear your voice.

one idea for a show would be perhaps just to have a chew the fat session between all the people at llresearch on the air so that we could get a picture of the day to day stuff. i would find that fascinating and i believe many others would also

norral Heart
Norral, Gary sounds like Mattew McConaughey. Looks like him a little bit too, and when I told that to Gary, he said that he've heard that before.

And I definitely hear your voice differently now too, after have heard that little part that plenum posted here.

If you want to hear Jim's voice, and then Ra's talking through Carla, there are audio sessions of Ra contact that you can buy. Each costs only 3 bucks, and in my this far life experiences, these were the most worthy 3 bucks I ever paid for anything:

Ra Audio Sessions