Full Version: Ra and Q'uo Influenced Music
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I did a little experiment to get more familiar with Ra and Q'uo's personality. Basically I asked for their assistance in showing me music, or influencing the music that I see by them.

I'd like to get other's inputs here. Have Q'uo or Ra or any other entity they admire influence some music, and post a video here. I'd like to see if there's a theme for the style of Q'uo especially.

I called on Ra to show themselves through a video, and found this furry one, that gives me some indication as to how they reveal themselves to me in this moment. I use Furry to hear them.

As you can tell, Ra's influence I have found tends to rock the music.

When I called on Q'uo, I get this video:

I feel the Q'uo influence on the music is smoother, though still up-beat.

Ra's song was called "Here in Your Arms" and Q'uos song was called "Magic Furry Love".

Personally I like the influence of Q'uo more, so I'll be calling on them more often.

I also love how the lyrics speak to me in these two songs.
I'm pretty sure that an album existed somewhere by someone as an actual direct tribute to the Social Memory Complex Ra. I think it can be found right here:

I'd say it's a pretty good example of Ra/Q'uo influenced music, don't you think? Tongue

You also posit a good idea there GW, as I'm pretty sure that Q'uo deserves their own tribute album as well! Off to the musical drawing board...
GW, interestingly at first I found the music to be a little chaotic. But the more I listened, the more it seemed to pull at something within me. I'm listening now. It seems to loosen up some knots, a very good thing.