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Carla and I have been tossing around the idea of shifting the focus of the radio show ever so slightly, to focus more on discussions, rather than just questions.

In light of this, I'm soliciting for discussion topics from the community. You can still ask Carla questions of a spiritual or personal nature in the other thread:

Bring4th Forums Two > Q&A with Carla L. Rueckert > Submitting Questions for "In the Now - Q&A with Carla L. Rueckert"

If you don't have a specific question, but would just like to offer ideas for topics you'd like to hear her discuss on the radio show, please post them here.

This is your opportunity to include Carla in the discussions here at Bring4th, and benefit from her amazing insights.
Suggestion for discussion:

Implications of Service to Others, (how STO affects self, and who are the others?)

The foundation of the discussion: All things are connected, all things are one. This foundation brings up two perspectives within the concept of STO.

1. Possible imbalance in STO.

As all things are one (you are the other-self), we may extrapolate that service to others includes service to self.

If service to other-selves is sacrificed to service to self, we call this STS, which would require balancing at some point according to Ra. Similarly, service to others, STO, would at some point need balancing by the inclusion of self in the service.

When focused on service to others, one often forgets the self. This indicates an open heart and compassion, yet perhaps not enough wisdom to see the whole picture. When one sacrifices the self for service to others, one is ignoring a part of creation (the self). At some point of integration of the Law of One, there may be no choosing who or what to do service for and no "act" of service would be necessary, as the entire life, focus, intent, and awareness would be on the oneness of all.

In both cases, STS, and, STO with little or no inclusion of self, separation causes the imbalance.

2. Who or what to be of service to.

Another example of separation is in where we choose to be of service: humans choose mostly to serve humans, and yet there are many life forms right here with us (animal life, plant life, mineral life, the planet itself). We say there is not enough time to do everything, to be of service to everything; we choose what to focus our service on rather than just to be of service in every moment. Being of service every moment sounds exhausting, yet, I don't think it is. In each moment, if one is connected to all things, it would not be a matter of selecting what to be of service to; rather, one would always simply flow with the idea of being one with all things, that all life is sacred, and one would automatically choose the path of least harm to all.

It might be posited that in choosing what to be of service to, one unintentionally underscores separation.

Carla and Jim,

Do you think there is a hierarchy of beings? For instance, do you feel that 5D beings are more important, or of more value, than 3D beings; 3D beings are more important, or of more value, than 2D beings, and so on? Thank you in advance for your perspectives, and those of Ra.
Can you give links to the answers from previous questions?

(07-26-2012, 01:48 PM)caycegal Wrote: [ -> ]Can you give links to the answers from previous questions?


You can hear all the archived shows here:

Also, plenum was cataloging the topics in individual threads here in this section of the forum. Not sure if plenum is still doing that.

I would be interested to hear Carla discuss esoteric Christianity and maybe discuss some of the allegories and symbolism in the gospel or even the Bible in general. I think that would be a great topic for the show.
Ok got it!


So, this has been on my mind quite a bit lately and Im not sure if it has been asked so I am doing so now,

Ra stated that his (if he is a he) social memory complex began and developed on Venus. They said that they worked with the ancient egyptians and sought to help the planet on other occasions.

My question is, what about the other egyptian deities? Did they also come from Venus? What about the gods of the other pantheons, how did they become involved with earth?

I am also very curious if anything may be said about the Tuatha de Danna or druidic fae people who were said to have once colonized Eire/Ireland?
(07-26-2012, 08:00 PM)Bring4th_Monica Wrote: [ -> ]Also, plenum was cataloging the topics in individual threads here in this section of the forum. Not sure if plenum is still doing that.

yeah Monica, its probably about time to do a full re-index.

I got some time today, and see what I can cook up!!
Dear Monica, dear Carla, Thanks for providing this opportunity to get into a more direct contact through answering specific questions.

I am new to the Ra material. I read the Seth books in the 80s, familiarized myself since with other sources such as Kryon, Aaron and Bashar. Over the last two years I viewed several hundred Bashar videos. I tried to combine his messages about parallel realities with some of the not-yet mainstream approaches of physical science, in particular Bohm and Pribram's theories about the holographic character of the universe ("Its all a projection")

There is a comment by Bashar on Michael, there is a comment by Bashar on Ra (on youtube), Aaron mentions Ra, and there is a short comment by Kryon on Seth.

My question is about the interrelationship of the various sources. Do they know each other? Are they in contact with each other?. Do they provide for consistency of their messages? Is there a timeline for disclosing "the" truth?, e.g. to the extent it can be processed and intellectually digested?

A second question is more concrete. There is a lot of material on an alleged Apollo 20 mission on the net, including footage of an alien body found in a derelict spaceship on the moon. Did this mission happen or is it part of a comprehensive disinformation campaign?

Thank you very much!!

All the best, Kaluhui
Hi Monica, I am extremely interested in the crystal healing aspects that Ra has discussed. There's a few loose ends I was hoping Jim and Carla could clarify.

Can you please ask Jim where Don was told to hang the crystal in relation to his chest for the purposes of crystal healing? From 57.10

Also, how to charge crystals for the purposes of healing? A crystal was charged by someone named Neil in 88.8 but it wasn't explained how.

Edit: I forgot to add. There is mention of invoking the magical personality must be done before crystal healing can begin. Can you ask how is the magical personality invoked?

Thank you!