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Hello there. Did anybody play this game when they were younger? I am getting a lot of info from this game. It's almost like a symbol I sent to myself.

There is a STO vs STS theme in the game. The Korh-ah and Urquan and both STS, they fight amongst themselves, but are jointly united against the free alliance, which includes Earth.

Earth rediscovers herself in the game, through artifacts left by an Ancient Race called the precursors.

There is a rapid acceleration in the merger of Chmmr and another race of beings who were trying to merge, to form a super race which would then defeat the STS forces.

But it takes too much time.

YOU, the hero, find a device which rapidly accelerates the process (2012??) and win.

Am I going crazy??

"On Earth, they destroyed all Human dwellings, monuments and archaeological sites older than 500 years, including some of which the Humans were not even aware, apparently to forcibly uproot a culture they found troublesome and allow it to be completely replaced with a more Ur-Quan-friendly one."

From the Star Control 2 Wiki
"The Oath of Fealty is an agreement between the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za and a species defeated by them. By accepting this oath, the species becomes a Fallow Slave to the Hierarchy. As the term is only used when refering to Earth's defeat, an alternative interpretation is that the term is specific to Earth's capitulation.
The oath (at least for Earth) stipulated (at least) the following:
The entire population of the species is encased on a world (or possibly worlds) beneath an impenetrable Slave Shield, except for the crew running the Starbase.
The species must maintain a Starbase to service and refuel Hierarchy vessels.
The species may have no space vessels of its own.
The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za resupply the Starbase at least every five Earth years. At this time the Starbase's crew are also relieved by fresh personnel from the planet below.
Violation of the oath may result in punishment against the transgressors and their species. Continued or flagrant violation may even result in the summary extermination of the transgressing race."
Hehe, I love that game, maybe it's time to play it again Smile

Another classic that you might like OP is Masters of Orion 2.
I LOVE MOO!! Smile
(rhymes with YOU Smile)
(09-18-2012, 04:36 PM)kenbok Wrote: [ -> ]

Hello there. Did anybody play this game when they were younger? ...

I sure did. Smile
Anyone interested in playing Star Control 2 there is a free PC port available here
Too lazy. Smile I'm watching the playthrough on youtube:
I did play it mebbe a year a go, did not get far. Not want to put the effort in it, that it seemed to require, I stopped. But I did watch a lets play of it still. Amazing game!
best game ever
Yeah, there are multiple free versions online, I love that game, and those goofy pterodactyl people!
I also played this game, loved it. Thanks for the nostalgia Tongue


I'll just leave this here.

EDIT: Feeling obligated to present the "Oh my god its all a evil conspiracy" aspect as well: here is a another one, have fun.