Full Version: Why are there no channeling transcripts since 2011?
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Is Q'uo no longer contactable?
I don't think Carla has channeled since her surgery in April 2011. It's been a very long recovery that is still ongoing. You can read about it on Jim and Carla's blog.
I send Carla as much healing as I can. I am sure a lot of people here are doing the same. I hope it removes some of her pain at least.
We must find a sucessor...
Carla won't be around forever unless you want to do a Dalai llama thing and get Buddhists to look for her next incarnation lol
then again i think this is the last incarnation for most of us here on the planet... so maybe you'll have to wait to speak with the q'uo organization when you can reach them at the same density?
(10-04-2012, 09:37 PM)BlatzAdict Wrote: [ -> ]We must find a sucessor...

I don't know. At this point this would, maybe, only satisfy a need for transitory material.

I am still going through 60 years of channeling and I can tell you that the same messages comes often with different words. I think that we have all what we need already.

Just spending our time reading and re-reading what has already been said is a full time occupation. Smile