Full Version: Book IV?
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Carla and Jim discussed the archetypes and magick on tonight's radio show, so I asked about Book IV. I've always found Book IV difficult, and Carla said she did too. I then suggested that we cover Book IV on the radio show, and Carla was up for that, and asked listeners for questions.

So...does anyone have any questions about Book IV, or suggestions on how to cover the deep subject of the archetypes? To those who listen to the radio show: What would you like to hear us cover? Start from the beginning and work our way through the book? Or...what?

I get the impression from Carla that she would like some feedback from all of you, as to what you'd like her and Jim to talk about.

This is an amazing opportunity to get Carla's and Jim's insights on Book IV! Please provide feedback and we'll make it happen!
Due to the substantial nature of insight gained by understanding the archetypes, were queries on the subject continued with Q'uo?

and... has Jim and/or Carla used the archetypal deck to increase their personal understanding(s)?
As I read Book IV, I felt like more information was given on the first 7 archetypes than what was given for the rest. I'd love to have Carla discuss them from The Great Way of the Spirit back towards the Matrix of the Mind. I'd also like to hear what she might have to say about the way the archetypes might be placed on the Paths of The Tree of Life.

Are the radio shows transcribed so we can read them later?