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For a while now, I've felt like its my time to leave this forum. Since 2011 when I joined, I have felt that I would be here only for a short time. That time feels to have been overextended already, several times.

If anyone wishes to keep in touch with me, Spaced is my "go to" contact person.

It has been fun. If I come back, it should be around homecoming 2013 at earliest. Smile

*huggles* take care all.
See ya 'round space cowboy.
Be well my friend. Never fret on your journey as we are never far away, for all is One.
Bye for now.

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Bye. Was nice chatting with you last night.
Ohh bye! I enjoyed your insight on the site. Smile
Take care Cyan! You are a wise man, my brother.
Take care!
One fewer metalhead on Bring4th! What a sad day! Tongue

Blessings to you, Cyan!
Later friend ,D


Edit I:
(02-13-2013, 07:06 AM)Cyan Wrote: [ -> ]

Beautiful, thank you for sharing! Sweet dreams .)


take care, buddy.
Big hugs to you, Cyan!
Later. I want to hear your stories when you return.
Thank you for your enlightening posts! Even though you're going, your contribution and spirit will remain for everyone to enjoy! Godspeed, Cyan! ^ -^
bye Cyan! even though you dropped into the chatroom just now Tongue

but your secret's safe with me. Promise!


Ra: To those who wish to sleep we could only offer those comforts designed for the sleeping. (Substitute Dream for Sleep.) You were nice people to dream with but much as I like this place I cant remain, I ask GLB/Mod team now in public and then in PM to block my Account for no less than 6 months.
We can't "block" it per se, but we can delete your account, and if the time comes you wish to integrate back into the community, you can always come back under the same name.

Best of luck on your path of seeking!
best to u my brother. u will be missed Heart
Take care, Cyan! Much love Smile
(02-13-2013, 07:06 AM)Cyan Wrote: [ -> ]

Amazing and moving. Thank you so much for this gift. It got me choked up.
well, it looks like Cyan is no more, and his account is deactivated.

as a parting gesture, I managed to get a LOL out of him when I shared this in chat a few weeks ago:

[Image: 7A1qWvV.jpg]

good times brother; fare thee well.

- -

my eulogy continues:

whenever I got into a convo with my brother Cyan, I was always left this this Ra quote in mind:

Quote:The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This involves self knowledge and the ability to open the self to the other-self without hesitation. This involves, shall we say, radiating that which is the essence or the heart of the mind/body/spirit complex.

there was a blue ray loquacity and open-ness which was so evident in my dealings with this individual. There was a constant poetry, a sheer inventiveness of language which belied the fact that English was his second language; he had the skills of a much advanced native speaker.

he was a self professed indigo child; what has been labelled as ADD/ADHD is nothing more than a speedy configuration of consciousness which leaves the older generations befuddled; with no better recourse than to label it a 'disorder'.

he might have been disordered and even disorderly at times, but it was by no means a disorder to me. There was some misunderstanding and miscomprehension by those who had a more orderly frame of consciousness, but there were also a great many who could appreciate his generous approach to life; as this thread of goodbyes well attests.

he did no harm while he was here; he, in fact, has a genuinely open heart, for those who are able to read energy at even a basic level. He was 'Good Guy Cyan' to me, and a true brother. We managed to share many hours in chat before chat got popular, in the wee hours of the morning when I was at my night shift job. And when chat became depopular again, we shared some more stories with each other.

there are some strong individuals which have volunteered to come into this heavy density at this time; they have brought with them strong, unalterable principles of justness, fairness, and equality. He was not willing to budge on these, even to the point of defying the State in which he lived. I will not share more details out of respect for his privacy; he shared this story to those whom he became friendly with in chat.

he was a dreamer, he had imagination, but more importantly, he had courage.

he was a true friend to me; and while not lost in time, he is absent for now.

he posted the link to this thread to me in chat as soon as the thread went live.

goodbye Good Guy Cyan. You are a true hero, even though you don't like the acclaim Tongue

this farewell goes into the aether; as it always does. Such are the nature of eulogies to the departed.

blessings, reset, and beep

Good luck in your journey, Cyan. May you always find what you are looking for.
Wow, well said plenum!


Guys you talk as if Cyan died?
from what he wrote, I understood he plans to be back?
good luck on your (astral) travels, Cyan!
may the force be with you
Be good or good at it!

See ya in another Life Brother!

Namaste Space Brother!

goodbye Cyan. I still miss you terribly.

I remember all the good times, all the humor, all the sharing of stories, all the wide-eyed inquisitiveness.

goodbye my friend. I will speak with you again one day.