Full Version: I "bless" people in public with interesting results...
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When I am going through a store or another public place, I will imagine a infinite white pillar of healing light flowing through all of the people I see. I recognize all of them as the creator and through this I can't help but to feel the most loving thoughts. That's one benefit of this spiritual exercise of mine.

But through this spiritual excercise, some of these individuals will begin to look at me and some will even smile. I did this to a woman behind a register while she was checking out things for my mother and she just looked at me momentarily with a slight grin. I have a feeling I am doing this to people who may be adept in the metaphysical. I have no clue! However, the results are so astonishing!

Has anyone ever had experience with this type of thing? Because it's truly impressive.
Yes I do this too. Random blessings.

In particular if I am in a crowded elevator and remember to do it, I saturate the space with light in blessing - if its going up enough floors you sometimes can sense a mood change, and sometimes people even talk to eachother.
This is due to the Law of Blessings. We remember that the higher self resides in space/time. This explains the effects one may observe.
Obviously this mechanism can be used by both polarities - a negative or positive blessing.
I began noticing this when smiling at young children/babies - there was instant recognition, almost like 'ah..I know you!'.
That is certainly one way to do it. Being in a positive mood and attitude, especially when there are a lot of others around you who are not, has a quick and subtle effect...a whole room of people who are upset about something (say, a tragic news story on TV), will then do something like turn the TV down, stop arguing about the story on TV, and start doing other productive things around the house while slowly getting back into a lighter mood...all because I decided to go into the room, not pay attention to anything going on and just put on my headphones and enjoy the music I am listening.

Real fun results!
Yes I do that too! My husband told me that when we first met, one of the things that both intrigued him and kinda freaked him out was that I would zap people (with love/light) in cars when I was driving. haha I don't really remember to do that much anymore...but I do the sort of thing you's just normal! Not everyone responds but it's nice when they do.
Yes! I do this too. And I have had similar results, Adonai-1, and all. And Ashim, I agree. The babies really do recognize and accept the blessing!

Sometimes I bless people out loud. I'm from the South (USA) and saying, "awwwwww, bless your heart" is not really out of line, or even uncommon. But I add a true "blessing" from my heart to theirs and they almost always respond. Just last week while traveling, I stopped at a fast food place and had to wait for awhile to place my order. The cashier was on a break, and the one person left to tend the place was swamped at the drive through window. When the cashier came in, she was flustered and very apologetic. I smiled at her and told her not to worry, that I felt sure I needed the quiet time for myself and that everything was just fine. She proceeded to start telling me how her vacation was coming up and that she was going to visit her Dad, who is elderly and ill, and that she's just so worried about it. I said, "awwwwww, bless your heart. I'll say a prayer for you and your Dad." And she smiled the biggest smile and thanked me. When she handed me my order, she looked me in the eye and said, "I'm so thankful you stopped in here today!"

I think I received the greater blessing.
(03-19-2013, 10:25 AM)Ruth Wrote: [ -> ]I think I received the greater blessing.

Ah, the power of polarization... Thank you for being you, Ruth. You are such a bright light/love! Heart Smile

Adonai-1 - yes, I do it too, but not only blessing.

It started a while ago, when I was receiving all these kind of memories from higher densities, and I didn't know what to do with them. One day, when I was walking among people, I decided to "offer" that light and that love that I remember to people/environment around me. I had a conscious understanding that only those who were in need of it, would receive this light and this love, and there was no attachment to it. And that is when I discovered that these memories of such a bright light and love didn't hurt me anymore. That there was a purpose with them after all... And then it continued... Smile
(03-20-2013, 09:50 AM)Ankh Wrote: [ -> ]And that is when I discovered that these memories of such a bright light and love didn't hurt me anymore.

This is a cool thread and I agree! Although, I do it a little different. I invite my Higher Self gratefully to help me spread Divine Light but I also ask that I be anonymous to the recipient(s) b/c I want nothing in return and I really want them to benefit and I want it to work.