Full Version: Network (1976 Movie)
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Has anyone seen Network? What do you think of it? I love the main character.

The key is getting mad and motivated enough to see change. In a first world society where we are well-fed and have immediate gratification in many types of entertainment, it's hard. Hunger alone used to cause revolutions. Now one has to be vigilant and daring to be the change they want to see in the world. Even then, that's not enough.

That's what I got from it.
Hi turtledude and all.

If I remember well, the main "problem", fot the character in the film, is that an outside
country wants to buy a petrol company in the USA ?
It could be "no good", but it should not cut jobs too much.

I think that many of the USA companies do WORSE than that, NOW !!
They have their stuff made in outside countries !!
THAT costs a lot of jobs !!!!

So, to me, it was a good film for a good reason, in 1976.
But in 2013, the reason has changed.

EDIT to add:
? I think that TPTB end up killing him in the middle of a show ?

Blue skies.
My favorite scene/speech from the movie