Full Version: Sirius Trailer(Upcoming documentary film about UFOs etc)
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Might be just another disclosure flop, but who knows..
Looking forward to seeing it.
Mind, his previous work has been riddled with affiliations of STS and generally be a big hole to throw money in. Like the Disclosure. Many a time have I seen him go from 'It will be free for everyone!' just to add some time later; 'you only need to pay a little for it'.

If his work will be more service focused now, I cannot say. However, I shan't pay for this documentary.
Around the 1 minute mark, a thought arises "Zeitgeist wannabe". The trailer was pretty nice though, the seeming dissection of the small yellowish being.. First of all it made me cringe.. "Oh god what are you doing?!" referring the eye Confused *urgh* Nausea aside, being shown this in the trailer, it is portrayed as an 'alien'. Felt like they are just trying too hard specially past around the 1 minute mark.

Well these are my thoughts, it piques the interest a little but only from the flashy side.

But yeah, who knows..
That little guy, according to Daniel, is an LM earth native. He's in the family of fairies, sprites, leprechauns and other 'little men'. Humans are more ET than that little guy.
(04-02-2013, 09:35 AM)MarcRammer Wrote: [ -> ]That little guy, according to Daniel, is an LM earth native. He's in the family of fairies, sprites, leprechauns and other 'little men'. Humans are more ET than that little guy.

Ah sounds about right, hah I agree we are more an alien than the 'lil folk'. I know not much about em, but I imagine if we rarely see them, they know Earth better than most of us. I am totally guessing here, I have nigh null knowledge on the subject you speak off Marc. Though it arouses some interest, as to how many beings live on 3D Earth that show intellect beyond an animal..
Other lightworker sites are promoting this movie - I'm really not sure and have a 'bad' feeling about the true agenda behind this and Dr. Greer's work. They are offering financial rewards for helping to distribute the film BEFORE its release date.
As I wrote on another site I would want to first view the content critically before 'spreading the word'.
Dr. Greer has been just about to reveal 'secrets' to the public for years and years.
I'm especially concerned as his latest effort is titled 'Project Orion'.
Now we know about these guys don't we.

Bill Ryan of Project Camelot answering questions about him.

Edit to add this:

This part of the movie description is of concern to me.

Quote:III. In the final section, we explore CONTACT: the CE-5 principles and how to build a bridge to a trans-dimensional universe. We will also share how the average person can make contact with people from other worlds. They are only a thought away....


link to the full movie

edit: whoah apparently the movie is no longer available due to copyright...
Where seeing is believing or knowing of disinformation. It is necessary to research the background of Dr. Greer before trust can be put into something that may indeed be Counter Intelligence against the people by the propagation of a lie. I have seen parts of the progress of the film on a starseed forum. The term "starseed" brings a red flag when such a site is the target for updated progression.
Couldn't even watch that whole thing had to skip forward several times. Nothing new at all and they ignore the most important questions. More a biography on Greer then anything else. Would be alright for newcomers but for anyone who has been seeking for a bit it offers absolutely nothing different. The most interesting part was the alien body they dissected but they only show brief segments throughout the movie instead of a solid 20-30 minute segment on it. Quite dodgy.


Agree Sagi, nothing really new in that documentary. If I hadn't watched it, I wouldn't miss a thing
Yea, I skipped through it in a few minutes, nothing really new.