Full Version: Interesting visitor in chat.
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He has decided to be of service in his own way. He's been spamming messages like this:

Quote:10:58:12] Noob: asthon eat s*** the most
[10:58:14] Noob: hahahahaha
[10:58:19] Noob: im the best
[10:59:03] Noob: eat s*** all
[10:59:06] Noob: alllll

And this:

Quote:[10:59:45] Noob: die die die
[11:00:02] Noob: die all
[11:00:06] Noob: die all
[11:00:10] Noob: die all
[11:00:15] Noob: die die die
[11:00:36] Noob: adonai one you pussy
[11:00:44] Noob: sh**head
[11:00:47] Noob: you skunk

Admins, you are free to accept what he has to offer or act on this. I posted this here only because I don't feel like PMing all of you. Tongue
Oh Adonai, come on, son.
It's such a harmless troll. Good for training, though! ^^
Trolling of that nature may turn away would be members from joining.
What may be isn't exactly the same as what is. No would be members showed up during his fits today (and it was a good practice session for those involved).


I have a hunch this may be a fake account of someone already on the forum, but Im not entirely sure.
From reading Jim and Carla's blog it seems that the staff is already aware of the visitor:

Many hopes that they find the light that they seek.
(06-19-2013, 01:55 PM)Guenivere Wrote: [ -> ]From reading Jim and Carla's blog it seems that the staff is already aware of the visitor:

Many hopes that they find the light that they seek.

What date?
It definitely is. We (the ones who were in the chat) all know who he is. He's answered to a different name in the same chat.

This incident, as posted, is of minor consequence. It should be noted that is one of many incidents from the individual. However, the way we treat it, sets the tone for the future, when one day someone will inevitably troll our chat much harder, with great frequency, and with more success. The questions that the posted conduct brushes upon are questions surely we will be faced as bring4th grows in size and chat becomes more popular and frequent.

-Do we apply the same rules against trolling in forum threads and posts in chat as well?
-Do we find a problem with spamming of the chat - making it difficult to scroll up and re-read often deep comments because they scroll past the buffer?
-Do we find a problem with the nature of the trolling comments?
-Do we wish to build a society where one interacts with trolls in the same place they discuss the Law of One, or do we wish to build a society that all seekers, sensitive or vulnerable as they may be (as some are or were on this forum), can find a focused place to discuss LoO?

These questions might seem pre-mature, but in my experience, if you wait until there is a big problem to deal with an issue, you usually let the emotion of the big problem cloud your thinking. It's best to construct rules when there is a small symbolic issue, so it can be discussed without volitile emotions clouding one's judgment.


An analogy: I think it's important to spiritually accept, and forgive, someone stealing from me. I think it's important to properly process the catalyst of being a victim of theft. I think it's also important to have rules prohibiting and dissuading people from stealing from me, until such a point where society's natural vibration makes such rules obsolete.
It seems he has been banned.
(06-19-2013, 01:57 PM)Adonai One Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-19-2013, 01:55 PM)Guenivere Wrote: [ -> ]From reading Jim and Carla's blog it seems that the staff is already aware of the visitor:

Many hopes that they find the light that they seek.

What date?

The most recent:

Quote:Gary reported another busy day in the L/L office:

Received and sent Sarah's first batch of prisoner letter replies. Thank you Sarah! Steve published the latest Light/Lines to the website, I emailed those subscribed to receive the newsletter and printed up the hardcopy version. Assisted Carla in proofreading sessions 37 – 42, and processing Tobey and Michelle's replies to previous batches of proofreads. I have not met another human who knows the text of the Law of One, down to the finest detail, better than Tobey. If Ra had the multi-density friends & family calling plan, likely they would get Tobey on the horn when they needed a refresher on what they said. Or just tap into his brain, whatever the case may be. Devised a system for book order shipping while I am away, asked Steve if he could assist with that. Did some work with the online bank account and for the first time got the bank to schedule our statements according to the calendar month, more or less! The previous bookkeepers would be proud of me. Caught up on some work our fine moderators are doing, namely in dealing with an entity who is being deliberately disruptive in the chat rooms. Responded to various sorts of email.


This same entity was being disruptive on facebook as well. They sent me and at least one other member numerous hateful messages, eventually responding with "sorry, I was just kidding", followed by an even stronger barrage of hate mail, insisting that I ban them from my account. When I refused, as this level of trolling barely registers as catalyst to me and it's hard for me to see it as anything other than humorous, they then proceeded to block me from their account, which I'm not particularly broken up about. Looks like things took care of themselves. Tongue

I kind of wonder if this person was having a nervous breakdown or something, though, or if this was just the finale to a long, extravagantly-planned trolling expedition. Sending love their way, regardless.
all seeking for attention is nothing more than a call for love, however distorted it may be.

the issue is, that particular individuals become quite 'set' on how they want that 'love' to be delivered and it forms rigid behavioural patterns.

the patterns also become quite predictable and transparent; ie resorting to obvious stereotypes (racial, sexual, religious, personal attacks).

but it is just a call for love.

all attention seeking is nothing more than this.

- -

and the deeper truth, if it may be spoken, is that that particular individual (or those that seek attention externally) have not been paying attention to themselves; and it is that self-neglect which is being made a public display of. Hence one can only have compassion for such an individual, as the outward disruptive annoying behaviour is a clear clear sign of inner pain and distress.

you may see that that individual reveals nothing of themselves, shares nothing of themselves (no photos, no personal identity, no talking about themselves) but externalises EVERYTHING. It is self-neglect of the self.

hence they want attention because they have not been paying attention to themselves. It is a projection.

peace fellow brother.

the mind reveals itself so transparently in behaviour. It is like a book that may be read with utmost clarity. Namaste.