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Meet The Sleep Artist Who Can Only Draw When He's Subconcsious

Lee Hadwin has an unusual talent. Since the age of four, the Welsch man has been creating artworks while asleep, drawing everything from Marilyn Monroe to partially nude fairies while he is in a subconscious state.

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I love this alien-like catwalk piece

[Image: o-LEE-570.jpg?1]

Any sleeping musicians here? lol


This is great Rie! lol what a skill. I've dreamed up all of my favourite pieces of music. The main problem I face with re-creating them in the form of audible vibration is that I must first build instruments capable of reproducing those sounds lol. Give me 20 years and I'll show you my dream songs.


I've made art in my dreams, but unfortunately have yet to find a way to manifest it into the waking world.
A couple of nights ago, in the middle of the night, I was not asleep, but almost there, and began to compose a song. I had the chorus lyrics written and a pretty good start on the verses; the chord structure worked out; and the slide guitar solos all worked out. (I'm not even a musician, I don't know where all this came from ....)

I woke up the next morning and couldn't remember any of it.Angry
I've heard the most beautiful music in dreams that can't be conveyed here on Earth. I think some of the sounds were not by any manmade instrument. It's hard to remember, but I've awoken in tears because of how beautiful they were.
I've also heard of Sounds of the Spheres, which angels make. In "heaven" or the afterlife or the light, you hear this music according to Matthew Ward channelings.

But then I have some dreams which frighten me or I have disagreements with another. Those make me glad that I don't live in the dream world. But the beautiful ones make me feel like I wish I lived there. So there's a tossup.