Full Version: The Three Spirals, and the compression of light
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according to Ra, the pyramid shape has a profound effect on the nature of light.

there are 3 'spirals' (spirals 1, spirals 2, and spirals 3) plus a zero position 'semi-spiral' which scoops the light 'into' the pyramid in the first place.

we will start with 'spiral 3' as it is the easiest to see in terms of position. It spirals out the top of the pyramid:

[Image: 4oZm8Cu.jpg]

this third spiral has very energising properties that can use passively:

Quote:59.16 Questioner: Then the third spiral radiating from the top of the pyramid you say is used for energizing. Can you tell me what you mean by “energizing?”

Ra: I am Ra. The third spiral is extremely full of the positive effects of directed prana and that which is placed over such a shape will receive shocks energizing the electro-magnetic fields.

This can be most stimulating in third-density applications of mental and bodily configurations. However, if allowed to be in place over-long such shocks may traumatize the entity.

so you can put a pyramid under your bed, and lie down for maybe 10 minutes to receive some benefits. But don't fall asleep! or have it there permanently! (at least on Ra's advice).

- -

the First Spiral is the one that interests me most.

it's position?

[Image: yYk3kVD.jpg]

this is the spiral most utilised for healing.

Quote:59.8 Questioner: Then the first spiral after this semi-spiral is the spiral used for study and healing. Relative to the Queen’s Chamber position, where does this first spiral begin and end?

Ra: I am Ra. The spiral which is used for study and healing begins at or slightly below the Queen’s Chamber position depending upon your Earth and cosmic rhythms. It moves through the King’s Chamber position in a sharply delineated form and ends at the point whereby the top approximate third of the pyramid may be seen to be intensifying the energy.

now, what is of interest is that Spiral 1 has a correspondance in a very crystallized entity. Namely, a strongly crystallised heart, that is able to serve as an expression of the adept (one who can tap intelligent energy, and express it through the green centre).

such an entity is a walking King's Chamber:

"57.16 It is to be noted that a strongly crystallized entity is, in effect, a portable King’s Chamber position."

and the Heart Centre is the placement of this King's Chamber:

"66.5 turning at the red energy center towards a spiral at the yellow energy center and passing through the green energy center in a microcosm of the King’s Chamber energy configuration of prana"

- -

Spiral 2 is of least relevance to us in this discussion, as its utility does not really apply to 3d entities (in Ra's view). Spiral 2 allows much work to be done interdimensionally. (the basis for teleportation perhaps?)

"59.14 However, in position two, as you have called it, much work may be done inter-dimensionally."


"59.15 Ra: I am Ra. This position is useful only to those whose abilities are such that they are capable of serving as conductors of this type of focused spiral. One would not wish to attempt to train third-density entities in such disciplines."

- -

and finally, Spiral 0 is that which 'scoops' the light into the pyramidal structure.

now, Ra says that all light is present and available; but that in its 'baseline' state it is not available for work. It has to be 'processed' or polarised in some way before it can be considered useful. An analogy might be the cooking of certain foods to make it palatable/digestible.

"59.11 Thus all light or prana is upward spiraling but its direction, as you understand this term, is unregimented and not useful for work."

Spiral 0 is that which scoops the light into the structure, and compresses and compacts the light for great coherence:

Quote:59.13 Ra: I am Ra. As the light is funneled into what you term the zero position, it reaches the point of turning. This acts as a compression of the light multiplying tremendously its coherence and organization.


59.11 The prana scooped in by the pyramid shape gains coherence of energetic direction.

- -

so there we have it! a rather brief breakdown of parts of Session 59, and this whole 'spiralling light' thing didn't make much sense to me for years and years. So this post served to explain it to myself, and maybe offer a constructed way of seeing these spirals for yourself. As some of you may know, pursuing this crystal healing technique is something that has been recently on my mind, and these in depth explanations from Ra help me to 'see' what and how might be taking place.

blessings, and take care,

I can't seem to find which direction of rotation for which polarity in the material, help?
(10-10-2013, 05:00 PM)primordial abyss Wrote: [ -> ]I can't seem to find which direction of rotation for which polarity in the material, help?

yeah, I'm not sure about that mr Abyssal.

the closest thing I can recall is this:

Quote:Ra: I am Ra. The prana scooped in by the pyramid shape gains coherence of energetic direction.

The term “upward spiraling light” is an indication, not of your up and down concept, but an indication of the concept of that which reaches towards the source of love and light.

so the 'upward spiralling' works on a pyramid (a small handheld one) that is 'tipped' on its side, ie horizontal. The light will still 'spiral in' through the base, and come out through the third spiral in the top, directed in a horizontal fashion.

there was also a misconfusion in the sessions where Ra saiid that an upside down pyramid could also function, but that it would be hard to construct a physical object that balanced on its 'tip' lol
I believe spiral 1 looks like this

[Image: Arxmz3H.gif]
[Image: Hyperboloid_1000.gif]

Maybe some idea?
I'll post the image I created when I get the gadgetry to do so.

Edit; Other ideas...;

[Image: torus1.jpg]
[Image: torsionanimated.gif]
[Image: human-exp-torus-ve-ds.695px.jpg]

Quote:74.19; We would at this time make note of the incident in the previous working where our contact was incorrectly placed for a short period and was then corrected. In the exercise of the fire you may see the initial spiral clockwise from the green-ray energy center, through the shoulders and head, then through the elbows, then to the left hand. The channel had been corrected before the remainder of this answer was completed.

That is confirmation of direction of rotation. might answer questions from a previous topic as well..
I believe Ra is talking about the conscious light born from Logos which creates the space/time of our illusion. That light creating the universe is not bound to space/time but is affected by it. A pyramid shape causes a distortion in the field of conscious or intelligent spiraling light. I see the pyramid having some sort of auto-induction effect on the “cause”, conscious light, that produces space/time.

It took me awhile to understand why Ra sees everything as distortion. It is because he does not see our illusion the way we see it but rather like a blind person reads a braille book. He only can translate those conscious light distortions he can see in shapes in our space/time illusion. Imagine that any manifestation space/time from thinking to rocks are projected as distortions on the conscious or intelligent spiraling light.
The distortion shaped as pyramid causes the conscious light field forming space/time to change properties following the Fibonacci spiral. An adept which penetrated the gateway toward Intelligent Energy has that conscious light with different properties created by Pyramid at his disposal for use and alter if he wishes the space/time illusion.

[Image: hkxuMGa.jpg?1]

The large half-spiral is at the bottom of the pyramid, the first complete spiral is the spiral crossing King's chamber, the second complete spiral continues to the apex of the pyramid and the third spiral is above the apex practically almost a straight line from space/time point of view.
All that is, all manifestation, represents distortions of the primordial undifferentiated unity of the Creator. In the same way that waves in a pond are distortions or disturbances of the pond.
Very interesting topic. The way I see it a pyramid is a gravity lens. A cube creates no spiral, but a pyramid does, why? I think the shape of the pyramid, the narrowing, generates a gravity potential similar to how difference in charge creates an electric field. But where the electric field is one dimensional the gravity field is three dimensional and instead of a force vector we get a vortex. Gravity is basically the opposite of electromagnetic radiation, and where EM creates space gravity voids space and creates time. Gravity creates order, coherency, time, energy, inertia, complexity, life.. and prevents entropy, decay, aging etc. Ra even mentions that there are areas in the pyramid where age is reversed. I wonder if the Egyptians began putting mummies in the pyramid to dry them out without them rotting, before burying them. Maybe that’s what started the pyramid as tomb idea.
If we are to create a donut by rotating King's Chamber around pyramid central axis, in that donut the spiraling light will have more or less the same properties. However Ra decided the location of the chamber considering the Earth and universal influences at the time and that specific position was probably the location where the effect of spectrum separation was strongest at that time.