Full Version: Bring4th says farewell to one of the best moderators in the Universe
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We recently received a message from a dear friend and core volunteer of L/L Research which saddened our hearts. The luminous entity known to you as Aaron K. has officially sent in his resignation from the post of Bring4th moderator.

Back in March of 2011, Aaron valiantly answered the call for a volunteer to step up and help keep the Bring4th forums organized and in harmony with the established guidelines. Aaron was chosen mainly because of his beautiful curly hair and great big smile, but also due to the heart-centered nature of his expressions, his dedication to L/L Research and the fact he possesses just about every positive quality you might find in any entity here on Earth.

Throughout his service as moderator, he proved that he was indeed the perfect choice for the task. Always offering a perspective straight from the heart and communicating with the lightest of touch, he has been essential in helping to navigate some sticky forum dilemmas, and has done so while shining the brightest light possible.

You may have noticed that lately, his activity on the forum has decreased. Unfortunately for us, yet fortunately for him, his life has taken some positive turns which has left his plate full. Being such an entity of integrity and having great respect for the position he held, Aaron realized that he could not offer enough time and energy to the forums in order to perform his service in the best way possible. Because of this, he feels it best to step down from the position as moderator and remain simply as a beloved family member of the community.

We are incredibly happy for Aaron and the changes happening in his life, and are eternally grateful for the amazing service he has offered in the past couple of years. We have learned much from Aaron about perceiving situations from our hearts and offering a light touch in dealing with tricky issues. His influence will always resonate throughout our tasks as moderators.

Aaron, thank you infinitely, and good luck in your new journeys!
Yay aaron!
Bless ya Aaron!
Heart Heart Heart