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My body complex has been defiantly refusing to cooperate in spite of all attempts at healing, both holistic and traditional. I continue to seek the distortions which lie at the root of this persistent bodily malfunction, yet no new answers have come to me. I spent Friday night screaming in pain and vomiting until my strength gave out and my sister convinced me to go to the emergency room. I have continued to feel very unwell since my discharge from the hospital. I am going to attempt to contact a new doctor tomorrow to discuss more advanced treatment options, as I am absolutely at the end of my rope with this pain. I've even considered getting a hysterectomy, though that is an absolute last ditch option and something I will avoid if at all possible. I wanted to ask, if anyone in this community has any love/light/healing energy to spare, if you could send a little bit my way, as I really dislike being out of commission like this. Learning to ask for help has been a big lesson for me this year. Even just a prayer or two would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried regression yet?
Beaming as much love, light, and healing your way as I can.
Heart Heart Heart
I'm delighted to help with my Reiki. Been a long time though since I used it.
When I try though, I get a run of negative thoughts.
I'll try to stay positive.

Edit: My indigo ray is going strong, so I take it this ray can be used for healing.

Edit 2: It seems that I've fallen into negative thinking. Even after watching Care Bears (which is the most positive show I know), I am getting thoughts of dying that keep compounding. I'm not sure how effective of a healer I can be. I'm working on balancing myself between the desire to live (with Care Bears in my life, whom I love) and the desire to die (and do the after life review). I think I'm getting negative greeting that keeps consistently after me. It's affecting me mentally rather than physically.
(10-27-2013, 06:56 PM)Bring4th_Austin Wrote: [ -> ]Beaming as much love, light, and healing your way as I can.

Same here.


I add my torch to your torch, I hope you feel better soon, sis.
Sending intent and energy your way.

Used to have similar pain years ago - vomiting, intense contractions, even with painkillers the best I could do was curl up in bed and whimper. No root cause ever found. Just went away on its own.


Thanks everyone. Brown Eye, as far as I can tell I cannot be fully hypnotized. I've done some conscious regressions, both independently and with others, and have cleared out quite a bit of stuff, but none of it seems to touch this pain. Whatever I'm missing, it's buried deep.
Sure thing
Much love Brittany. I pray you that find the relief from the catalyst you face.

I just got back from out of town where from a bar crawl Halloween so I got to shower for the first time in 36 hours lol, but there is this dream I had I think Friday that involved you, orange ray, and a discussion of switching polarities. I'll post my thoughts shortly.

So the dream, I don't remember much of it, but in the dream, we were talking about self-acceptance orange ray issues, we briefly talked about how Walker was also dealing with similar orange (or maybe yellow ray issues). Here's where it gets blurry either in the dream I had the following train of thought OR I had it after waking up and thinking about the dream: I was thinkingabout a theory that when negatives switch polarity some of us have a great deal of difficulty with orange and yellow because we used them in the past a closed green, so that our incarnations for whatever reason, either via programming or due to inbuilt bias after the polarity flip, end up activating our green first while having great difficulty with orange and yellow. This has the slight benefit of precluding true negative polarization in the 3D forgetting and making it harder to fall back on sts energy patterns, but creating a difficult and catalystic life.

Disclaimer 1: I had this theory about negatives who switched polarities would for whatever reason have a 3D incarnation where they had inbuilt biases to ensure green was easier than orange or yellow to activate. I don't know for how many months I had this theory or why I pondered it.

Disclaimer 2: It's very rare in my dreams that real life people correspond to their real life selves - instead they are usually symbolic of a concept that I associate with them - Brittany, for you, I associate in my mind (perhaps without any correspondence to reality), flipping polarities. Thus, perhaps the dream was purely about exploring my own beliefs on the subjects described above.

Disclaimer 3: I don't resonate with the fact I may have been a negative sts entity prior to this 3D positive incarnation in linear time. However, if we talk about non-linear time, or infinite timelines, after integrating my sts shadow and accepting it, I feel connected to an sts version of myself from other timelines in non-linear time, but not in my linear past, if that makes sense.

My takeaway realization from this dream is that I believe I have a deep seated fear somewhere in my orange and yellow still that I've been working on that if they flow too much I will unleash some negative sts beast. It's obviously not the case, as Ra repeatedly states that orange and yellow are essential to a balance, vibrant, positive being, but it's something I'm balancing nonetheless. This stuff is hard, this stuff is hard...
I have sent healing twice today. I was hesitant at first as I have a new challenge emerging (panic attacks), but I am feeling much more confident in metaphysical capacity later in the day.

I am sending healing energy mixed (hopefully) with some wisdom energy to help ascertain the root cause of your ailment. As I'm sure you know, if you can figure out the cause, you should be able to permanently heal it.


I will be doing my absolute best to help.
Brittany, I am a holistic doctor in New Zealand. If you would like, I am happy to hear your story (skype would probably be easiest), and see if I can contribute anything to the puzzle. I'm always available to help anyone.
I hear you sister.
Good advice so far from the others.

Here is what I can offer.

1. Cleanse your aura and your surroundings, banish any negative entities that are using this situation to exploit implants/portals into your field.
State that your light will not be put out under any circumstances regardlesss of the level of pain.

2. The healing temples of Atlantis still exist (and always have ) in the etheral/astral planes and you can go there.
In fact see this as an open Invitation.
If your experience is similar to mine you will spend time in water, bathing. Certain frequencies will fine tune your etheric body.
After waking you will feel a rush of energy.
Gradually the positive effects will drip down into the physical body.
All it takes is a strong calling, but one must be aware of the possibility of this sort of healing.
Set the intent to be taken there before sleep (I know this is difficult due to the pain).

I was given help in this fashion that helped me deal with cluster headaches that were making me suicidal.
"Take me to the healing temple".


I have sent you some energy. Hopefully it will reach you well.


[Image: tumblr_mtl7ojXnje1simyeto1_1280.jpg]

I remember how I felt when I took this image, sending you those positive vibes!
You are constantly in my thoughts. I will send all the light at my disposal.
I too have an image to share, containing the vital energies of the root.
[Image: swq4YfV.jpg]
You are missing some one?
Have you shame? Grief?

I will do my best to reset the wheel of karma in my life, hopefully the positive effects will resound throughout the Grand Being.

I believe this is more than I can do directly, though your wellbeing will surely come and go in my thoughts.


Thank you everyone for the huge response. I'm feeling better today than I have all week. I managed to get an appointment with the doctor my sister recommended with no problem. She's supposed to be especially understanding and supportive of special circumstances. Give me a few days to look into the specific help some of you have offered. I send each of you all the love in my heart. <3
I heavily meditated on healing you last night. I'm glad to see our mutual efforts may have done some good.
I am glad to see you are a bit better Brittany. I send you all the light, love and healing that you need. I hope you find the answers you seek too. From the bottom of my heart, good luck, be well! Smile
I see those teeth are coming along nicely Brit, keep sharpening them, who's gonna f*** with you now?


A small update: the doctor my sister recommended was GREAT! For the first time in my life I was dealing with a physician I felt was actually willing to listen to me and work with my preferences. If this current treatment works, my problem could be permanently fixed, so I'm very hopeful! After 15 years of on-and-off agony, the thought of complete relief is enough to blow my mind. Smile