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I have developed a very simple path. I will share it here.

All thoughts occur within the present moment. Even thoughts of the past and future.

Once we meditate we can bring about awareness of the present moment. This is needed as all thoughts are within the present.

We have 3 types of thoughts/emotions. Positive, neutral, Negative.

we really only want to feel happy without feeling sad. The greatest form of happiness is Love. The greatest form of sadness is hate.

However the creation of Happiness brings about the concept of Sadness, thus we have Happiness/Sadness, Sadness/Happiness.

These are really simply two aspects of the same whole or unity, that we call the creator.

Once we have the awareness in the present moment, we can see negative thoughts rising. For the idea of a negative thought/emotion to exist an equal positive thought/emotion must also exist, just like the concept of up brings about down. Thus through awareness and will power , we can transform the negative thought/emotion into a positive simply by accepting it and balancing it with the opposite.

Once we reach a momentum with this positive energy, it fully ripens and polarity comes about and our Negative thoughts starve away.

I will sum this up in a very simple 4 step idea.

1. First become aware of the present.
2. Develop the power of will to transform thoughts into positive emotions.
3. Maintain this transformation.
4. Polarity rises.

I believe the more we maintain this, the more positive thoughts naturally come about. Thus it becomes effortless.

As we become more aware of the present moment, if we find positive thoughts/emotions it is important to focus our concentration or will power on them so that they can fully ripen and grow. It is also possible to transform neutral thoughts simply by effort of will.
Sounds about right, good post. This ties in nicely I think with the post in the Law of One section about dismantling of the approval/disproval mechanism. Think of it as a spectrum with a slider. Positive one end, negative on the other and by concentration of will you can chose just where you want to be.