Full Version: There's a new mod in town
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yes, np @Fang. I am sure we will meet one day. Just lemme know a week or so in advance, so we can arrange a time.

@Bat go forth and moderate wilt shall I do!

@Mel thanks for your understanding. I do understand that I am not as energy sensitive or aware as others (like yourself perhaps), and that some things that register on your radar sometimes go un-noticed on mine. I'll try to be more aware of your situation.

@azach, your comedy shows will sell out. No doubt about that. You have the skillz Smile


That's not exactly to the point I'm trying to make, as it has more to do with general social awareness. For instance; I understand that azach's response seems humorous but to me it's an expression of passive aggression. If you look at it from an energetic perspective it's basically an out poor of toxic energy.
I mean, I do smoke cigarettes and drink coffee when i write , absolutely correct !
A wise choice indeed :¬)
Though already conveyed privately, let this be the "Facebook official" version from me: Welcome on board, Plenum! Smile
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