Full Version: Q'uo on Youtube
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One of the many exciting projects we have in the works is getting some of the other L/L Research channeling audio on youtube, with text to read along to, to create a different experience for exploring our channeling archive. Huge thanks to volunteers ADK & JW for taking the effort to put these videos together.

The first one is up live now

This is part of the session from December 31, 1989, Q'uo responding to the question "How do we go about developing the magical personality, and what, actually, is it that we develop when we develop the magical personality, and of what value is it to us to do so?"

If you've ever wanted to listen in on a Q'uo session, here's the chance Smile. Note that in this session, Carla's channeling is a bit fainter than her normal conscious channeling.
Cool! Thanks a lot to the gang over at L/L Research, looking forward to listening to these Smile
Really great work!
[Image: 701437_cagemoar_jpgc28fa72c319759ab849a50cd61a83684]
Part 2 of this session is now available:

Love these. Beautiful music at the start too. Thanks!

Carla is so delicate with her words.
Parts 3 and 4!