Full Version: Username Change Notification Thread
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I like that name a lot too !! It’s good to know or we would have missed blossom a lot !! Wink
Hi all. I changed my name to Great Central Sun from IndigoGeminiWolf.
I recently crossed the threshold of feeling the Great Central Sun.
It is by grace I am being pulled towards it.

This, post #17,498 is my first post with this new name.
Hi All,
I was previously known as Ma'at but am now going by Alexis.
Hi everbody!
I made this new account, since there are some technical problems with my old account (Agua).
Every post has to be manually approved by the moderators. This means unnecessary work for the mods and causes a sometimes huge delay in my posts being published, so they tend to be a little out of context, especially in „dynamic“ threads.

I will my old account have renamed to „ Agua Old“ and afterwards this one to „Agua“, if thats possible.
So, sorry for the confusion and mess :/

Much love
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