Full Version: Lake Natron
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I came across a quite bizarre but beautiful photo collection and had to share Big Grin

Quote:I unexpectedly found the creatures - all manner of birds and bats - washed up along the shoreline of Lake Natron in Northern Tanzania. No-one knows for certain exactly how they die, but it appears that the extreme reflective nature of the lake’s surface confuses them, and like birds crashing into plate glass windows, they crash into the lake. The water has an extremely high soda and salt content, so high that it would strip the ink off my Kodak film boxes within a few seconds. The soda and salt causes the creatures to calcify, perfectly preserved, as they dry.

I took these creatures as I found them on the shoreline, and then placed them in ‘living’ positions, bringing them back to ‘life’, as it were. Reanimated, alive again in death.

[Image: 191w42wx024eyjpg.jpg]

[Image: 191w5ini4zzzgjpg.jpg]

[Image: 191w5j97jvhy5jpg.jpg]

[Image: 191w5jyux21nejpg.jpg]

[Image: 191w5kmjffsitjpg.jpg]

[Image: 191w5lc6p0xk1jpg.jpg]

All images via © Nick Brandt 2013 Courtesy of Hasted Kraeutler Gallery, NY
That reminds me of the Urban Decay channel on LiveJournal.
There a good little Mexican place in Oakland, Ca called La Calaca Loca (the crazy skeleton) and they have skeleton figures doing all kinds of happy things. Very similar to this, but more culturally salubrious in the Mexican case.

Well done, eerie photos, to be sure.

Frozen death imitates life..............

The form is but a shell............