Full Version: Messengers of Love and Light.
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Hi Everyone at the Bring4th community!

I searched the website to find the most appropriate place to share the type of service that I am most harmonious with. This/these are not goods or services per se but an example of bringing people together through music and dance. This could also be seen as a type of advertising especially if any younger members are captured by this contemporary form of union with other selves.

My focus here is "The Message"

And to illustrate, the lyrics in this dance song I am posting, is pertaining to the 'Eternal Now'..."The future is now and forever is here...We are here and now among you"

Another offering I make to our church here at Bring4th regarding the message is expressed in the lyrics of this song by Primal Scream..."We are together, we are unified...come together as one." <3
Trippy. Something to listen to not being able to fall asleep at 4am.