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what sort of emotions come up when you hear this song?
I found it interesting the reversal of pronouns from he to she and vice versa from the Beatles version.
The song always touches my soul.

Edit: I like the Beatles version better.
Honestly? A warm yet clinical feeling of heading down a Texas highway by a series of retail stores; A generic day; A budding desire for something more dynamic and erratic; Too peaceful of a feeling.

I get associations of hearing the radio in the car, mostly. The lyrics make me smirk about how much people exalt moments of their life over other moments.
My experience: Although I do feel the lyrics speak of sadness, self-doubt and heartbreak, I do not feel much when it comes to the performance itself as I feel the singer does not carry out the emotions invoked by the lyrics. To me, she is repeating a well-learned speech with a well-tuned voice but not much else. There is no sadness.
I've always liked this song.

(06-06-2014, 06:56 PM)Bring4th_Plenum Wrote: [ -> ]what sort of emotions come up when you hear this song?
Why didn't you put the original up?

The one I like is Bob Dylan's Dirge: 'I went out on lower broadway, and I felt that place within. That hollow place, where martyrs weep, and angels play with sin.'
Making I'm too literal of a person but I always thought it was about a guy stuck reminiscing about the past, unable to accept what has happened.
Nothing of great interest has come from watching this video.
(06-08-2014, 12:06 PM)Phoenix Wrote: [ -> ]Why didn't you put the original up?

I didn't know which one was the 'original' original.

I guess this one will suffice:

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thanks for all the thoughts everyone!!