Full Version: Heaven is for Real
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Just saw this movie, and it was pretty touching.

In it the boy meets Jesus. The movie was all about love. There was no hell, except what we create on Earth.
And there were angels singing.

Sounds like heaven is a pretty swell place.
I've also listened to the audio book of Matthew Ward about heaven.

The movie made me respect Jesus a bit more. His love was a great example.

I'm not sure what being I will see when I die. It may be one of my spirit guides. Or perhaps my higher self.

But while I'm here, I should focus on my immediate environment. Focus on the here and now. But it's good to think about heaven from time to time.

Also, after death I don't think we spend forever in heaven. There is spiritual evolution and densities still.
Why is heaven not here?
Personally I was reading the book of Job yesterday and I liked it. It puts things in perspective in a way that I sometimes feel very powerless against the higher positive forces.

Heaven is a nice idea. I personally hope the harvest is fairly soon.
I asked God for forgiveness of whatever, just in case.

I too hope the harvest is soon. But it's after we die, so I'll be patient.
After seeing that movie (though it was a little religious), I want to be a better man.

I think that heaven not being here is obvious.
I've been taught that most entities clamor for an existence on planet's like this due to the lack of exciting catalyst disincarnately. I've been taught that almost all entities will immediately want to reincarnate once dead. This is not obvious but I truly think we have misapplied the term heaven.

This is where most of the universe's action is at: Places like this.

I was having a conversation about exactly this with a friend the other day.

Me: If my past lives are correct and I'm not sure, then I will have never spent very long in the space between lives. (Later edit: Although I'm quite seriously not believing some of my past lives that I have said before..So perhaps this does not apply)

Friend: Yeah, X's like that. I however know how to kick back and relax.

Edgar Cayce died 1945 and David Wilcock was born 1973. Is the only other person I know reincarnation wise; and one other friend who was not gone for long at all.

This is another film I thought was interesting, on the whole reincarnation area:

I'm not sure how long I spent in the space before this life. I hope it was a long time to recuperate. I hope I am motivated to stay a long time after this life, and not rush back into incarnation. That is unless I can make higher density. Though I would still want to experience disincarnate life for awhile. There's plenty of time to explore the higher densities.
As I type this I feel lost and confused suddenly.


Time is not the same on the "other side", so worrying about time-spaces is not very useful.

You know exactly what you need to know, once the veil drops you will remember what you were doing, and you will remember what your own full desires are. The whole idea of attempting to conjecture what you might think or feel in the event of death is a great way to delude the self in to projecting expectations.

Gemini, in this life and body you feel confused, things seem like they have more or less weight, things are boring or unboring, but once you pass through the veil all of those things will fall away. The self you are beyond this life does not have the same fears and inhibitions as you do now.
You're right Tanner. We won't see things in the same light when we cross over.
I'm not sure how accurate all those movies about heaven are.
I expect being very bored and incarnating again.
(07-27-2014, 05:40 PM)Adonai One Wrote: [ -> ]I expect being very bored and incarnating again.

I'm bored here now. So if I come back it will be under different circumstances. But who knows what I'll feel and experience once the veil drops.