Full Version: The problem of conflict.
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It seems to me this board doesn't really have a way of handling conflict. Either it goes over-board and people end up arguing and then often leaving. Or it goes under-board and there is no hint of argument even when people are crossing the line.
What do you think would be a good way of handling conflict?
There is nothing to resolve if both parties are not willing nor able to incorporate each others desires due to inherent incompatibility in beliefs or otherwise. At such a point, it is the responsibility of each party to fulfill their desires in their own ways. All this board provides is a method of extracting information to see if an agreement can be reached and if collaboration is possible.

I concluded that this forum does not wish to collaborate with me in what I desire out of my thread-making experience so I have decided to no longer make threads and so I shall remain until I can be assured my content will not be heavily manipulated without mutual consensus.
This is not the kind of environment where other students or seekers of the Law of One are adversely affected if squabbles occur and I feel it can offer good catalyst if the parties involved reflect on their own deepest intentions.

"In truth there is no right or wrong..." said Ra, however when pride is involved, "Oh I beg to differ!" sais the I within the self.
That fictional part of us that subtly and stubbornly persists in leading our communicational efforts.

"All things are subject to interpretation..." said a German philosopher so conflict in this context seems to be a locking of the intellectual horns as far as I can make out.

The Confederation have learned to keep their distance where Human affairs are concerned and we can learn from their experience too.

What else can be done when contemplating free will and personal responsibility?

Anyone who leaves this Community hopefully will fill the spare time up gained by 'studying' the Ra contact. Not so much in the technical details but on how they responded to some of Dons queries. There is as much to learn from their consistent attitude as there is from the metaphysical nuggets of octaves, densities, energies or archetypes, aswell as some of the most beautiful metaphors I have ever heard!
There is no right or wrong especially when stating my opinion. I have no expectation of anyone here and nobody should expect me to participate with every action proposed, as I can withdraw my participation at anytime. I don't "beg to differ." I simply differ and I will not act against myself.
I will not act against myself either. Or any other self for that matter, if I can help it. If I perceive conflict I take it internally. Unless I hear a genuine call for help, then I try to aid to the best of my ability.
And I have not acted against a single person here. I've removed posts as an expression of my free will, I've removed myself from capacities I can no longer enjoy; But I have not restricted a single person.

I have only expressed opinions and preferences with only a hope of them being met, not expected to be met.

This is how I function in most relationships and will continue to do so.
I'm like A1 here. Though I've removed posts in the past because I thought they violated others free will, and that's the big NO-NO in the Universe. I think I was just thinking rashly, since the posts were pretty informative after I looked back. I don't like conflict or debating.
Dudes I just realized this sub-forum exists!
(09-10-2014, 10:27 PM)Icaro Wrote: [ -> ]Dudes I just realized this sub-forum exists!
I made a point about this board being impossible to see in an earlier thread. Quoting for posterity.
(09-10-2014, 06:52 PM)Gemini Wolf Wrote: [ -> ]I don't like conflict or debating.

Isn't it possible to have a healthy debate?
In most relationships, no, because everyone wants everything hunky dory without any of the responsibility of actually listening to the other person. So what we get are people and societies that keep quiet, suppressed and "cooperative" until things get so bad that there is either a divorce, the child runs away from home, or at the worst a revolution has to be committed and there is blood in the streets.

People don't like listening to each other but they sure do like it when people submit and obey to their whims without question. The latter with continual sacrifice leads to inevitable catastrophic outbursts.

Solution? Let pent up red energy out as it comes rather than all at once at the last possible moment in a desperation to actually live a life you want to live.
(09-10-2014, 11:52 PM)Adonai One Wrote: [ -> ]until things get so bad that there is either a divorce, the child runs away from home, or at the worst a revolution has to be committed and there is blood in the streets.

Well that certainly escalated quickly.
Is it my responsibility to stand up and act if I see an injustice occurring? Is it my responsibility to defend those who are being discriminated against or are being treated unfairly? If I am unable to do the above, will my joy be cut off from me until I am able to do so? These are some of my internal conflicts.
If you will suffer after an "injustice", after a generally undesirable act occurs, I think a reasonable observation is that acting to prevent such suffering is worthwhile and a responsibility.

Quote:16.42 ↥ Questioner: Can you tell me a little more about this honor/responsibility concept?

Ra: I am Ra. Each responsibility is an honor; each honor, a responsibility.

Inevitably, we will have to accept all that we honor and value and be responsible for it. The more we let what we value decay, the stronger the duty calls.
I have this deep-seated fear of responsibility and I'm not exactly sure where it is coming from. I think it may have something to do with fear of failure as well as fear of punishment if I am unable to live up to a certain responsibility. Maybe I have a misunderstanding of what responsibility means.
(09-10-2014, 10:35 PM)Adonai One Wrote: [ -> ]I made a point about this board being impossible to see in an earlier thread. Quoting for posterity.

Perhaps. For the most part I stay out of these discussions, which is probably the main reason I didn't notice it.
I don't think this forum is any more "hidden" than say, the Archetypes forum, which is arguably one of the more important subforums.

Would it make any sense at all to get rid of the "subforums" and just make each forum its own whole thing in itself? (ding an sich!)
Or at least make the subforum links' font size to be more comparable to the other forums, to validate them more.
I usually just view today's Posts from the link at the top of the page, so I always catch new posts.
Though I may have missed some when I was out of town for the 4 days.
(09-10-2014, 05:20 PM)Adonai One Wrote: [ -> ]There is no right or wrong especially when stating my opinion.

That is what I was eluding to. Also the subjectivity involved prior to conflict.

(09-11-2014, 07:23 AM)Folk-love Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe I have a misunderstanding of what responsibility means.

I was referring to when emotions turn a debate into an argument. The opportunity always exists in taking personal responsibility for my part in a debate and what value or emotional charge the conflicting ideas or posts seemingly cause.
I will say again. There is an extreme knee jerk reaction on this forum to conflict.

I wrote a piece referencing a conflicting situation that had been not noticed on bring4th. Someone came with an argument against me and I expanded on that argument, but summarised at the end a good reason for why at heart David Wilcock was still positive.

It seemed to me that no one wanted to address the original conflict that was already present or took the time to read my posts properly. Possibly because they knee jerked.


What do you mean by "knee jerk" exactly?

Also, I admit I do not know the conflict you are talking about (I probably didn't come upon it in my browsing), however I am curious what the results of resolution of a conflict 'should' look like, in your opinion?
I'm not sure what the problem is? This is a Law of One forum, focusing mostly on polarizing in the direction of service to others. My knee jerk reaction to conflict is acceptance that opinions and points of view differ. If I've known any of my "missions" strongly here it's that my main goal in tense situations is to calm the waters, or in the very least avoid stirring them more once they've been churned. So I admit fault to what you accuse, but I'm still not sure of the conflict you are talking about - David vs. Carla? Are you proposing that only one of them can be believed?