Full Version: Dark Art - Brom (Image Heavy Thread)
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Gerald Brom is a hold-over from my pre-awakening days. I still think his artwork is phenomenal. He has done cover artwork for several fantasy RPGs, games, and movies. Here are only a few of my favorites:

[Image: g4nxPI.jpg]

(I have a print of this framed on my wall)
[Image: KhjVqG.jpg]

[Image: ic5cky.jpg]

[Image: z4Qvoe.jpg]

I have 3 tattoos, all based on on his pieces of artwork:

[Image: z4VlcM.jpg]

[Image: 76WPFG.jpg]

[Image: EuowlJ.jpg]

I have barely scratched the surface and don't want to put too many images up in one thread. Here is a website that has a good chunk of his best work:
(09-26-2014, 05:26 AM)Parsons Wrote: [ -> ][Image: ic5cky.jpg]

I thought of Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter when I saw this Tongue


That ones makes me think of Kefka from Final Fantasy XI.

This guy is a rad artist.

I am a big fan of Frank Frazetta.

[Image: frank_frazetta_afightingmanofmars.jpg]
Speaking of Final Fantasy, this art sort of reminds me of Yoshitaka Amano, one of my favorite concept artists (who I also happen to maybe have a tattoo or two by!)

[Image: 632px-Amano_Morning_Song.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mt8cmwPKQu1scud9jo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: 10-42biten-amano.jpg?w=540]

[Image: yoshitaka_amano_piece_by_willpacheco88-d64fq78.jpg]

[Image: Amano_Kefka_II.jpg]

He also has a tarot deck I've always sort of coveted:

[Image: b722b2923f9ae8e12c46b6e55396e42a.jpg]

[Image: 218845.jpg]
Beautiful art Parsons. You might also like Boris Vallejo.

[Image: boris_vallejo.jpg]
[Image: sheeps+head.jpg]

[Image: 743px-Prado_-_Los_Desastres_de_la_Guerra...eneral.jpg]