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Love and Falling In Love - thefool - 03-08-2010

I would like to explore the topic of Love.

What is love as described in love/light? What is it in 3D? Is it a thought, is it an emotion or something else? How do you send love to someone else? Do you have to be in a particular emotional or mental state to send or emanate love or can anybody in any state do it?

Also coming to the topic of falling in love. What is really falling in love? How does it differ from love of love/light if at all?

I will kick start by saying that love is a quality of being that is not related to the other. You are loving no matter what. You are loving no matter who it is. You don't pick and choose what to love and who to love and when to love. You love because you do and it just it. flowing from your heart to another heart. True love like that is instantly recognized.

Falling in love as we know it is little different as it is focused on an object. The object being another person or our image of that person (who we think that person is, more often than not it is highly romanticized image).

However I believe it is very important to experience falling in love even though it is object based. As it provides you a glimpse of being in a state of love

And you say...!!!

RE: Love and Falling In Love - Peregrinus - 03-08-2010

We are of the density of non-understanding. I would suggest that we only glimpse of love.

RE: Love and Falling In Love - blade8r - 03-09-2010

i say we are in the density of choice and we can decide to explore the definition of love through deeper understanding. if the path of one and all seeks to understand love then we will seek it. but i understand that love exist 1st-8th and all densities. just as we go up the levels we get a clearer and greater understanding of the meaning. for love can mean whatever it wants to mean.

we can also just practice what you have written in your signature as well "theFool"

RE: Love and Falling In Love - Ashim - 03-09-2010

True Universal Love must be understood not as the human love/affection we have so sparingly dished out on a selective basis, but as more of a cosmic "higher state" of existence. Its "home", where we originate from; we have 'forgotten' during this Incarnation, fallen into lower vibration, lost our way for a while.
Look at your partner, feel love. Look at the stranger, feel love. Think of someone who "hurt" you and feel love. Look at the trees, feel love. Care for your pet / other animals, feel love. Plant seeds, send them love.
See in the desolation and pain - love.
As you try to project Love / Light to all your frequency rises. Where you feel an inability to send love search for the blockage. This has been successful in opening my heart chakra to its fullest expression - glowing, constantly. No desires, no expectations, it is the full surrender to the Will of our Creator. As you change yourself and shake off the scenarios that no longer serve you the world will magically reflect this peace of inner sanctum. Love enables the awareness to expand to the point of embracing Oneness.

Liebe & Licht

RE: Love and Falling In Love - ayadew - 03-09-2010

Love comes sometimes... other times not. It's for me, with my limited knowledge of love, a feeling of being at peace with the world, that everyone seem beautiful.

I have no idea what feelings are, or what love is. But love transcends all that is, good/bad, human thoughts/concepts, all forms of reality. It is that which binds us together. It is primal.

We are love.

RE: Love and Falling In Love - fairyfarmgirl - 03-09-2010

Love is the recognition of another and loving them as you do yourSelf. This coming together in recognition of the Love within the Self in another is profound and life changing.

Bless your Hearts!


RE: Love and Falling In Love - Peregrinus - 03-09-2010

Well said brother Ashim.

RE: Love and Falling In Love - thefool - 03-10-2010

Thank you all for your heartfelt responses...Heart

RE: Love and Falling In Love - charlie2012 - 03-11-2010

I couldn't agree more ashim! Since i started loving everything unconditionally, and understood that i have always wanted to, my vibrations have gone up and i feel like sending even more love to everyone. Doesn't matter if it's war or peace, freedom or slavery, caring for others or causing pain, i love it. I don't try to spread negative things though i love them, but you know, you can't fight fire with fire. It's something that to me is hard to put into words so that it makes much sense. I just love.

RE: Love and Falling In Love - AnthroHeart - 03-11-2010

I agree. Though I do have unique vibratory feelings for certain individuals.

I was just thinking earlier today, after the 2012 ascension, I probably won't be able to help myself from going and hugging everyone in sight. Strange, but sometimes I find myself there already.

RE: Love and Falling In Love - thefool - 03-12-2010

Do you get that little sensation in your heart like a sweet pain when you fall in love with someone? HeartHeartHeart

RE: Love and Falling In Love - love everything - 04-17-2010

Hello thefool,

I loved that you already knew the answer and put it together in words after your question....... So I am compelled to respond with this:

"Stand up for yourself and speak your truth respectfully and compassionately with no attachment to outcome"..........

"You're too fragmented so do whatever it takes to get you grounded".........

Allow the Intention Of One

Love Everything xxx

RE: Love and Falling In Love - Namaste - 04-19-2010

(04-17-2010, 03:12 AM)love everything Wrote: ... speak your truth respectfully and compassionately with no attachment to outcome"

Could not agree more.

fairyfarmgirl: very well put. Falling in love with another Self is often a key catalyst in ones life to open the floodgates of the green ray. Children are also a gift for this, as are pets. They show you the way in which to care for all, in unity.