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Idea: Guest / 'Lurker' Census - Parsons - 11-26-2014

I have been wondering lately just how many 'lurkers' there are who read the forum regularly but never post here in relation to active and registered members. What if there are twice as many lurkers as active members? What if the number is even higher?

Lurkers would fall into two categories: People who create accounts to browse all sections of the forums, and those who choose not to create an account at all. No judgement on my part if you choose to register or participate at all, I am just curious on the numbers in this case.

So, I could have created an anonymous poll thread to try to determine that. The obvious problem is there could be a very large number of people who aren't registered and are unwilling to do so (again, no judgement towards them), so they wouldn't be able to vote.

The only thing I can think of to get around that would be an admin/Steve posting a thread that allows guests to vote. Of course, that could open the poll up to someone deliberately trying to skew the numbers, but perhaps the poll could be set up to only allow unique IP address to deter that.

The suggested anonymous poll questions would be:

*I am a member who participates in the forums at least occasionally

*I read the forums regularly and choose not to post, but I DO have an account

*I read the forums regularly and choose not to post, but I DO NOT have an account

If it is feasible to do so, I would be very interested to see the results. Perhaps it will only be possible after the bring4th/llresearch site merger.

RE: Idea: Guest / 'Lurker' Census - itsame - 12-04-2014

I read the forums regularly and choose not to post, but I DO have an account. Smile

RE: Idea: Guest / 'Lurker' Census - Sabou - 12-04-2014

(12-04-2014, 05:35 AM)itsame Wrote:  ...and choose not to post

you blew your cover Rolleyes

RE: Idea: Guest / 'Lurker' Census - Alexis - 12-05-2014

I have blue-ray blockage. I'm happy lurking most of the time.

RE: Idea: Guest / 'Lurker' Census - Stranger - 12-05-2014

Or, we could just ask Unbound to perform a psychic count!

RE: Idea: Guest / 'Lurker' Census - Great Central Sun - 12-05-2014

There are internet providers who rotate IP addresses between users, so it would be difficult to get an accurate count. Some share a single IP public address with a whole community.